Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the RSVP from my guests?

Please login to your Yoovite account and click “My Yoovites” menu. Now click “View Details” next to your event. On this screen you can see the RSVP details from all your guests.

How can I check my RSVPs or edit my invitation if I have created the Yoovite using a Guest login?

If you have created your invitation as a guest user, please click ‘Sign up’ link. Under Sign up area, create a new account with the same email id that you have used to send the original invitation as guest. Once signed up, Sign in to Yoovite with email and password. You will be able see your original invitation under “My Yoovites” menu. You can edit or check RSVP from here.

As a host, can I change the event date or location once I sent out the invitation?

Yes, sure. Once log in, go to the “My Yoovites” menu. You’ll see all your upcoming events. Find your event and click “Edit Event” link. From here, you will be able to edit the event details and resend your invitation.

How to add additional guests to the event and send out the notification or invite to only the newly added guests?

Please login to your account and click My Yoovites. You”ll see all your upcoming events listed here. Click “Invite More Guests” next to the event for which you want to add more guests. Enter the new email ids and then click "Preview and send". After this, make sure the option "Resend invitation to all guests" is unchecked. This is by default left unchecked and only if it is checked, the invitation will be resent to all guests again.

Some of my guests don't have access to internet and email. Can I still use Yoovite?

Yes, you can! If your guests have mobile phone and can receive SMS on their phone, you can use Yoovite. Our SMS feature will send invitations to guests mobile number as well. Once the guest confirms his presence, you can update the RSVP on behalf of the guest. See question below to find how to RSVP on behalf of a guest.

Few of my guests confirmed via Phone or in-person. How do I update thier response in Yoovite?

Login to your account. Go to “My Yoovites”. You’ll see all your upcoming events listed here. Click “Manage RSVPs” next to your event. Now click “RSVP on behalf” button next to the guests for whom you want RSVP.

Why are some of my guests not receiving Yoovite via SMS?

According to the TRAI restrictions, SMS to several numbers CANNOT be sent from 10 PM to 5 AM IST. The messages sent during this time will be queued in the server and will be sent the next day morning.

Also, Please note that SMS will not be sent to the phone numbers that have been registered in the "Do Not Disturb" National Call Registry. The email invites will however be sent to all addresses.

Do my guests get automatic reminders before the event?

Yoovite automatically sends 2 reminder emails to your guests. The first reminder will be sent a week before the event date to all guests who have not responded. The second reminder will be sent 1 day before your event to all of your guests including those who have responded. However, you can send reminders manually whenever you want. Check the next question to see how to send reminders manually.

Is there an option where I can send reminders to my guests?

Yes, there is. Please login to your account and click “My Yoovites”. You“ll see all your upcoming events listed here. Click “Remind your Guests” option next to your event. Choose to whom you want to send the reminder and click “Send Reminder”.

I am getting very few RSVP. Can I check who have already viewed my Invitation, but not responded?

Yes, you can find out who has open your invitation, but NOT responded and also the guests who have NOT yet seen your invitation. To check this, please login to your account and click “My Yoovites”. You”ll see all your upcoming events listed here. Click “View Details” next to your event. Scroll down and you can see the list of who has viewed your invitation, but not responded, the ones who have not viewed your invitation yet and the list of guests who have already responded.

Can I share my Yoovite on Facebook?

Yes you can. To share the Yoovite invitation to your Facebook contacts, please login to your account and click “My Yoovites”. Click “Share on Facebook” button. Now you can select one option from dropdown. Share in a group or Share on Friends timeline etc. You need to type the friends name. Finally click “Post to Facebook” button.

Why aren't I receiving Yoovite emails in my inbox?

Your Yoovite emails may have been filtered to go to the Spam/Junk folder. In order to ensure that Yoovite emails come up in your inbox, add [email protected] to your contacts and/or mark any Yoovite emails as “Not Spam”.

Can I send a "Thank You" note to all my guests?

Yes, you can. Please login to your account. Go to “My Yoovites”. Click “My Events”, then select “Past Events” and click on the “Send Thank You Message” link.

Can I share photos of the event with the guests?

Yes, you can. Go to My Yoovites “My Events” Past Events and click on “Share Photos” link.

I just saved an invitation. I can't find it now.

If you have created the invitation and not the sent it to anyone, then you will find your invite under "Unsent Invitations" menu. Login to your account and click "My Yoovites". Now click "Unsent Invitations" under "My Events". You will find your event listed here.

Can I change the font color and size on a template?

We are not providing customization of the our invitations at the moment.
However, we are offering Private Invitation Templates created just for your event at a reasonable price. Please click here to find more.

How to delete an event?

Unfortunately, we don't let you to delete an event once sent out to guests. However, you can cancel an event. Please see next question to see details about event cancellation. If you are not sent an invitation yet, you can delete from "Unsent Invitations" menu.

Can I ask guests to bring something?

This feature is not available now. But stay tuned. We are working on this feature. It will be available in Yoovite soon.

How to cancel an event for which the invites have been sent?

Please login to your account and click “My Yoovites”. You”ll see all your upcoming events listed here. Under “My Events”, click “Upcoming Events”. Now click “Cancel Event” next to the event you want to cancel.

I could not find a right card for my event, What should I do?

Don”t worry!! We are offering Custom Private Invitation Templates created just for your event at a reasonable price. Please click here to find more.

How do I remove a guest from the guest list?

To remove the guest from the list, click "My Yoovites" and then click Edit Event. Now click "Add Guests". Here you will see "Your Guest List" on the right side. Simply click the red cross button next to the guest that you want to delete to remove the particular guest from the list. You CANNOT remove the guest once you send out the invitation to a guest.

Is Yoovite completely free?

No. For invitations involving more than 10 guests, we charge a nominal fee of $2.99. This is just to improve Yoovite with a more robust technology platform and give you more robust support. We will use this to add more and more template designs. Thank you for your co-operation.

I don't have a Paypal account. How do I pay?

Don't worry. Paypal allows you to pay using all major credit cards. Select the credit cards option from Paypal.