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YooVite :: e-Invitations for Indian Parties and Events
 Send an e-invitation using yoovite for your next Event or Party and save your time on managing guests and RSVPs.

Custom made Private Invitation designs!

Now order 100% personalized e-invitations for your events and parties!
We will work with you to create a design that best suits your event.
Charges starts from $25!

Send us your Idea

Make Payment

We Design

You Approve

Send invitation
via Yoovite

Send us your idea

Email us your ideas and requirements. You can mention the font color, size and also send us photos (If any) that you would like to include in your card. We will analyze your requirements and send you a price quote.

Make Payment:

Once you accept the price quote, you can sign it off. At this point, you must make the payment for your private invitation design work. Please note that additional charges may apply based on the number of extra hours that our designers have spent on the card.

We design

After the payment is made, Yoovite's team of designers will work with your ideas, create the invitation template according to your requirements and send it to you via email. Our Creative team will deliver the first draft of the private invitation design to you within 48 hours!

You Approve design

You review the invitation design and make sure that it meets your expectations. If not, you can send us the feedback mentioning the changes required and we will re-work on it.

Send Invitation

Once you have approved the design, we upload the private design to your Yoovite personal account so that you can send it from there to all your guests. This template will not be used by any other user.

Our experienced designers can now create a private invitation card just for you!

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