About us

Yoovite is brought to by folks at Sparkline Solutions - makers of Innovative solutions for the web.

We have created Yoovite based on a simple idea - Event invitation should be simple, easily manageable and should  be done electronically with few clicks. We built Yoovite because we know Personal and Business Events are becoming popular in India and people spend considerable amount of time today than ever before to manage them.

Yoovite is the next generation in online event invitations. It leverages today's technologies (web, mobile, IM, SMS) and the idea that less is more, to enable people to quickly and easily invite their friends to events.

Individuals, organizations and companies use Yoovite's service to plan, coordinate and manage their events and parties online. Yoovite customers have used our service for Indian Parties including Diwali parties, Pongal Parties, Onam Parties. They also use it for birthday parties, company holiday parties, bridal showers, wedding invitations, , reunions and much more.

From a technical perspective, Yoovite is a web-based application that allows consumers and businesses to use high-end, customized design templates to create, send and manage responses to online invitations.