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Host: SJB Institute of technology When: Sat, December 20, 2014 9:30 AM Where: SJB Auditorium
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Its time for ALUMNAE's MEET GUYS..........

Department of ECE, SJBIT invites all it alumnae's to 2014 alumnae's meet on 20th December 2014. Do come to cherish your memories..... the time for which most of you were eagerly waiting, to re-live your past, to re-explore your alma mater, to have a reunion of your colleagues, to share your experiences after college life, is now anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Release yourself from the complexities of the present, immerse yourself into the past, re-discover your alma mater and renew friendships as you take a trip down memory lane to relive the most cherished years of your life when everything was possible. The Meet is a real time platform for you people to rekindle your old interests, revive your past memories, and bring them back from walled scenic memories to the truth of the present.

The tremendous infrastructural development that has taken place in the Institute is bound to sweep you off your feet. The Meet is a chance for you to witness the improvement in facilities in the recent years, like renovation of the Old buildings, construction of new labs, classrooms, etc.

Revisiting your Department is one of the things you will enjoy the most. The classes you bunked, the scolding from the professors, those warnings of rustication, all those memories are preserved in those buildings, waiting for you to reopen the chambers.

A time to check in and see, whether your favorite hang-out spots, may be parks, grounds, canteens or bus stop kaka canteen still exist. Or what has replaced them. A chance to tell your family members, "Oh! I have been here."

A chance to apprise yourself about the building SJBITian culture, what is still preserved and what demolished and get acquainted with the cultural and technical societies in the premise. A chance to interact with the students of SJBIT, share your experiences with them and gauge the role they are playing in helping India advance on the technical front.

Attending the Meet will provide you a breather from your daily monotonous regime. Taking a trip into the past would be really relaxing and help you unwind. Attending the Meet gives you a good excuse to travel. Its festive season and time for a holiday!

The Alumni Meet offers you the opportunity to do some effective networking especially if you are planning to expand your business, change jobs or relocate.

Take back souvenirs from your Alma Mater - as a mother’s gift is always priceless.

Event Location : SJB Auditorium
Address : sjb istitute of technology bangalore,kengeri
Host Phone : 9538920010
Event Date : Saturday December 20, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Time Remaining : This event is over
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