Thanksgiving Day Online Invitation

Thanksgiving is a festival that pertains to the western world, but is still celebrated world over with great fervor and euphoria. The concept behind the festival is to be thankful to the continuing grace of the lord almighty. India is a country of multi-lingual, multi-cultural people who have a secular point of view towards spirituality and religion. The country is known for its unity in diversity and with the spread of the western culture across the world, Thanksgiving celebrations have also started in India. Currently it is a major festival observed by the Christian community, mainly in the state of Goa. If you are planning on a Thanksgiving Day celebration, then will give you the best online invitation tool by which you can invite and send e cards for your friends and relatives to the festival.

The main aspect about thanksgiving in India is that it is known by a different name. Most popularly, it is called Ladin or Ladainha. The meaning of the term Ladin is ‘a litany to Virgin Mary’. During the ritual of Thanksgiving, the followers thank God for all the spiritual and material benefits they got from him. The function is sponsored by a separate person each year based on whether he or she has been lucky enough in some way or has sought benefits from God and has been successful in that.

Christians in Goa prepare for Thanksgiving Day celebrations by buying gram, wheat, candles, wine and colored tinsel paper. People of every house prepare a temporary platform or altar that is decorated using flowers, creepers and vines. The Thanksgiving celebrations include singing of prayers and hymns with background music. The violinist or choirmaster of the locality is hired to conduct the show of singing of litany.

The Thanksgiving Day feeling is further enhanced by another celebration associated with it. I tis the popular religious feast regarding the conception of Mother Mary. It is very famous in Goa and is celebrated with great pomp and glory. During this time, the farmers cut the first harvest of their milk-filed corn from their fields and then offer it to the God. This is a ritual practiced for several years in Goa now. The intention is to seek the blessings of the God so that there will be good harvest during the coming season. It is immaterial to ask when is thanksgiving since the exact date of this feast varies depending on the part of Goa, where it is celebrated.

Most of the activities on this day are religion based. However, you can think of things like having a get together at home or a venue of your choice. Make sure that you arrange for ham and turkey if you are following the western way of celebration. You can also send cards for free online these days to add a person edge to the celebration.

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