Muharram Online Invitation

Muharram is the day that marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Fasting is advised by the prophet in the month of Muharram after Ramadan. Fasting during the month of Muharram is not mandatory, but taken up at one’s own will. This festival starts on the first day of Muharram and last for ten days until 10th of Muharram.

Decorations for Muharram
Water stalls are set up and are decorated with illustrations and holy writings that depict the tragic story of the Karbala war. As Muharram is known as the month of mourning, black color is a dominant one on all the decorations. Beautifully embroidered cloths are hung all over the place, which illustrates the story. These cloths are embroidered with bright and extravagant colors on a black base. Houses are also adorned with glittery fabrics. The Muharram decorations are lively, enriching and a welcoming experience.

Food for Muharram
Muharram recipes are specially prepared for the month of Muharram. The recipes and the food prepared on Muharram depend on the place where you stay.  Some of the common dishes of the day are rice, kebabs, meat and pudding. The preparations are prepared very rich and highly nutritious with ingredients like coconut cream, spices and sugar. There is a custom of sharing food to friends, neighbors and the poor on this holy day.

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