Maasi Magam Online Invitation

Maasi magam is a Tamil festival celebrated all over India by Tamilians. This festival falls on the ‘Makam’ star in the ‘Masi’ month of the Hindu calendar. This auspicious day usually falls in February or March and is celebrated in great pomp and splendour in most parts of Tamil Nadu especially Pondicherry and also in the state of Kerala.

Decorations for Maasi Magam
On Maasi magma, all deities are well decorated for the procession to the sea or river. The paths along which the idols are taken are also well decorated with flowers and natural decorations. Most importantly, the premises are kept clean and tidy and animals like bull and cow are bathed are decorated on this day.

Festive Feasting
On this special day a grand feast is organized in all the temples. Like every Tamil festival, Pongal and Prasad are the main attractions of Maasi Magam in India. The menu will include all kinds of vegetarian delicacies.

Invitations for Maasi Magam
There are state wide ceremonies held on this day. For this, invitations are sent all over the state. Usually paper notices are distributed with a list of the puja ceremonies that are going to be held. Some families also hold Maasi Magam puja at home. You can now send online invitations for the event with Yoovite.

Celebrations for Maasi Magam
The devotees, hold huge processions, take holy dips and believe that the immersion will wash away their sins. The whole of the sea shore of Pondicherry is full of action and frenzy on this day. This festival is more common among the fishermen flock in Pondicherry.
You can now make invitations for Maasi Magam easier with Yoovite. Celebrate the season to attain the spiritual bliss and wash away sins to start afresh for the coming days.

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