Kitty Party Online Invitation

To answer the question, “What is kitty party?” it is a party predominantly organized by women on a specified time in a month and every member of the group is supposed to host a party once. The hosting member organizes the food and venue of the Kitty Party. It is customary to hold the party in the afternoon and if you are hosting one then gives you an excellent online tool to invite your friends for the Kitty Party.

Kitty Parties for ladies are mostly conducted in order to raise chit funds. The members cast their names and a lucky draw happens where the winner is given all the money raised just as any other chit funding system. There have been recent upgrades done to the concept where sessions on photography, book reading, poetry, historical walks, Bharatnatyam, discussions on legal rights of women etc. also take place in Kitty Parties.
A grand Qawwali session is another idea that can be implemented during a kittie party. If the party involves people of common interests, then the discussions can be intellectually stimulating. You can unanimously choose the topic of discussion and have a resource person give insights into the subject. If there is a Kitty Party group, a membership fee would keep the members committed to the group.
The money raised from membership fee can be used to buy gifts and prizes to people who win games. Wine Tasting is another event that is getting popular in Kitty Parties around the country.

Games for kitty parties give the women something to do and help them get to know each other better. These games produce lots of laughter and bring people together.  Can't Say Cookie is a nice game that uses necklaces made from candy canes and ribbon. Every guest receives a necklace when she arrives and once she gets the necklace, she can’t say the world “cookie” for the rest of the party. All guests should be alert as to who utters the word cookie and the offending guest should surrender her necklace to the guest who caught her mistake. The person with the most necklaces will win. This can be adapted to include the names of husbands, boyfriends etc.
Handbag Bingo is similar to regular bingo except that the spaces on the bingo cards are filled with items in women's purses. The hostess of the party prepares blank bingo cards for everyone. The guests can take out items from their purses and fill the bingo cards with the names of those items. You can also write the names of the items on slips of paper and the hostel can pull the draw to announce the winner of the bingo.

Kitty Parties don’t have an elaborate menu. Usually snacks are preferred. You can prepare them and bring them along or buy them or have them delivered. Make sure not to go for very spicy snacks. You can also arrange soft drinks.

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