Fundraiser Online Invitation

Fundraising is a very boring activity if you do not know what you are doing. The monotony and drudgery involved often hamper the efficiency of professional fundraisers, the volunteers and donors. However, with good ideas for fundraising, you can get the best results. has an excellent online tool by which you can invite your friends, colleagues and relatives to the event.

Old fundraiser ideas do not appeal much to donors anymore. Things like annual appeal letters, big events, breakfast networking etc. really bore the donors. If you are raising funds for your organization, school, charity etc., then you might want to implement the following ideas of fundraising to get donors give you their money.

Keep it Low
Unlike the fancy fundraising events you see everywhere, it is much better to hold a simple event and get people to come. You don’t need a fashionable cocktail party in a high end hotel to get money. Just tell your donors that it is an important year for your organization and that you want to dedicate most of your funds to the actual mission than the event. However, do add a theme to the event.

Direct Fundraiser
If you are directly tied to the organization’s mission, unique fundraising becomes more effective. You can highlight a direct action that your company will be taking after the funding so that the donors can trust you more on the work you do. For instance, you can ask them to make a donation for the new batch of school supplies you are getting for the needy children or to buy materials for the new shelter you are constructing.

Reverse Raffle Effect
Instead of buying tickets, you can have the attendees get a free raffle ticket when they come in. And instead of a prize winning, you can put the tickets on draw and give a gag prize for the winner. In this raffle, if the people do not want to take part in the drawing, they can return it to the organization with a donation.

Work for Money
You can easily get volunteers who would work with enthusiasm if you are going to pay them for it. However, you can also make people pay and work as volunteers in return for a chance to work on a team they like such as painting group, arrangement group etc. Even you can give away positions such as foreman or supervisor and get more money from them.

Online Invitations
As mentioned before, online invitations for fundraiser is very important. With more donors using emails, it is easy to send them invitations using Yoovite. You can include the personal messages as well as certificate of mailing in it as well. Prepare a list of the people who would actually be interested in funding your cause and send them special invitations customized with personal messages. Please try to avoid sending spam mails since it will defeat the cause.

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