Family Gathering Online Invitation

Reuniting with your beloved family members after a long time is really a nice experience. In today’s world with everyone going abroad, family gathering like these bring back the love and bondage and knowledge about genealogy between close relatives. offers an online invitation tool by which you can invite all your family members to the reunion party. There are however several family gathering ideas to consider before you throw a family gathering.

Interest Level
It is important for the gathering family members to show interest. It will be a futile effort to throw a party if no one is interested in coming. Hence you should check your closest relatives first and get their opinion about the plan and discuss the likelihood of everyone attending it. They will also give their inputs regarding how to frame the event.

Task Distribution
The best way to have people’s participation is to get them in the planning process. Just create a list of the various areas that need attention such as invitations, arrangements, transportation, food, activities, games and cleanup and allocate each person or group of persons with each task. If you can track the work in records, then you can use that for the next year’s plan. As in the task division, a checklist and timeline of activities is also equally important.

Event Type
Every family is different and the family gathering plans of your friend’s family might not be completely applicable to yours. You should hence plan accordingly. For some, you just have to create tents, a grill and a park and have a great time while others prefer a banquet hall with DJ etc. Just check what everyone likes and plan accordingly. If the invitation goes too early, people might forget. A month before the event is ideal unless there are people in far away places.

Date and Location
The family gatherings are often held during summer since the chances of people returning home during that time is very high. Once decision on date is finalized, check out the venues where you can hold the meeting. It all depends on the type of event you have decided. It can be in your house or the nearby community hall. Remember that it is the key to a successful event. Check the services available, capacity, cost, accessibility, restrooms etc.

Budge Consideration
If potluck buffet is in your mind, then you can try a it as a small gathering in the backyard. It will be a great way to celebrate since everybody will be bringing food from their homes. That will also reduce the budget. However, large events require sufficient funding and it is better if everyone can contribute to fundraising. Make sure that you keep accurate records of every expense.

Theme and Food
Themes can be anything from literature and art to movie and sports. You must be aware of the tastes of every member so that no one is left out while planning food. Check for allergies and aversions before choosing the list of cuisines.

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