Eid-ul-Adha Online Invitation

Eid ul-Adha is celebrated in great pomp and splendor to mark the end of the Ramzan fasting period. This festival more popularly known as Bakrid, falls on the first new moon night, after the 30 day fasting period. Ramzan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. According to legend, the Holy Koran, the most Holy Book of the Muslims was revealed by Prophet Muhammed in this month.

Bakrid often referred to as the festival of sacrifice, is celebrated all over India with special prayers, Eid Mubarak greetings for everyone, delicious food and gifts for friends and family. It is a declared public holiday in India.

Muslims commence the Eid celebrations in India with an open-air prayer meeting where all Muslims get together in new clothing. Usually a sheep or goat is sacrificed and the meat is shared with family, friends, neighbors and the poor. According to the Islam culture, it is a duty of the rich Muslims to ensure that the poor can also enjoy a meat based meal for this festive celebration.

Most of the affluent Indian Muslim families hold huge celebration parties and invite all their friends, neighbors and family to participate in it. For holding a large-scale Eid ul-Adha party, there are several things that you will have to plan beforehand.

Sending Eid Party invitations is one major concern. For a big party, it is difficult to complete the invitations manually. It is also probable that you could miss inviting a few of your friends or relatives. For the invitations, you can use online invitation tool, Yoovite.Com.

Simply select your template, enter the details like date, time and venue, import your contacts and send your invitations. A process that would otherwise have taken you a long period of time will get completed in less than a few minutes time with Yoovite.Com.

Decorations for the party are also important. However, spending too much money on the invitations would not be a very sensible thing to do. Rent out the decoration lights, use flowers from your garden and reuse the other decoration stuff from the previous year celebrations. Try to save your money on decorations and do your best for the rest of the party.
Food would be the most important part of your Eid–ul-Adha party. You do not want your guests to be left with no food and it would be a sin to waste food on such a holy occasion. When you use an organized online invitation tool like Yoovite, the RSVP option allows you to determine the number of guests that you can expect for the party. This way you can arrange everything well.

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