Baptism Online Invitation

For those who ask, “What is a baptism?” it is the rite of admission to the Christian church. Also known as christening, it is one of the important events in the life of a person of Christian faith as this is the first time he or she becomes officially Christian. You can make it a small function or a grand one based on your financial ability and interests. is an awesome online service, which gives you an excellent way to send invitations to your friends and relatives in India and abroad to the special day of your child.

There are several party ideas that you can plan after the baptism ritual in the church. It can be a very fun filled celebration as it is your child’s special day. It is required that you plan the timings appropriately. The following are some of the thing that you can keep in mind.

The Venue
The party comes only after the religious ceremony. Hence, you should make sure that people are able to commute from the church to the party venue. Choosing a hotel or auditorium nearer to the church would be the best way. You can also hold the party at your house provided you arrange it properly with good catering services. It can also be held at a neighborhood park if the majority of your guests like outdoor dining.

The Cuisine
As mentioned before, timing is everything. If the baptism takes place in the morning, then you can arrange a buffet lunch. However, if it is the afternoon, then you must arrange for an afternoon tea. The cake used should be white with white frosting and baby’s initials. Drinks are not so important in Indian context but if you do want to toast to your child’s health, then you can make drinks available as well. Be sure that the Godfather of your family gives the toast first since that is the tradition. In your house, you can arrange a simple buffet with snacks. Or you can have a backyard barbeque.

Entertainment Ideas
You must take care of the children who attend the party just as you do with the adults. A very easy solution is to arrange for all the children to be in a room with some children’s movie or cartoon. You can also get them to play video games. Adults can also involve in some games if they want to. Music can be arranged. People who like to sing or dance can do so depending on the availability of background music.

Gift Ideas
A baptismal medal is an ideal gift since it preserves the memory of the moment for a long time. Sacramental bracelet is another great gift that can be given to the child on this occasion. Other gifts that are worth the occasion are the cross necklace, fancy crosses, greeting cards, baby blocks, photo albums, dresses, toys, shoes etc. You can also gift the family on the occasion. Things such as utensils, home appliances etc. are also given.

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