Alumni Meet Online Invitation

It is traditional for any educational institute in India and around the world to keep in touch with its old students. Also, the students from an institute gather on one special day for their annual or biennial alumni meet. Hence most institutes form an Alumni Association to handle and manage these meetings and to facilitate the interaction between themselves and their institution.

This type of networking helps students interact with their seniors and also becomes venue of meeting their old friends. Some institutes also assign a special name for the alumni association and the alumni meet. Alumni websites can be created in order to help in quick registration of participants and also give updates on events. The website also creates an alumni online community.

Online alumni directories and even social networking sites can form online alumni communities. Alumni meet is also a venue to honor the past students who became well placed around the world. The alumni meet is usually accompanied with social and cultural programmes. The best part is that all the batches that passed out are called upon. There might be special guests and keynote speakers depending on the arrangement on a particular year. The typical program itinerary includes the following items:

  • Welcome ceremony for the guests and alumni
  • Keynote address by the guest speaker or the principal
  • A retrospect about the achievements of the alumni by the main speaker
  • Sharing of experiences by alumni members
  • Interactive section between seniors and juniors
  • Cultural activities
  • Food
  • Vote of thanks

Interaction with alumni benefits in boosting the position of the institution. Usually when companies come to recruit students, they check how strong the alumni interaction with the college is. The ranking of the colleges also depend on the strength of the alumni. It doesn’t necessarily need to be college or university. Even school alumni meets can be held provided the management and alumni are strong enough to hold the event.

The meet can either be held in the institute itself or in any other auditorium or hotel chosen by the alumni association. In addition to the alumni and guests of honour, the college staff and even the old teachers who taught the alumni are also invited. Further, there can be goodies such as alumni gifts and alumni merchandise for the participants arranged by the association.

Almost all alumni meets are intellectually as well as emotionally stimulating. The achievements of the alumni and the college give a feeling of pride to the people who contributed to it. Also meeting the old friends and teachers is nostalgic. Overall, holding alumni meet is very advantageous to any institute and it is important for them to take initiatives in this regard.

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