I used yoovite to invite few of my friends to the wedding ceremony of my son in the
United States. My experience was really wonderful, easy and besides of all these, it was
very inexpensive and yet most effective. I thank you for your services.

I also have seen other sites used by my friends and my own son for the same kind purpose
which i did use. Yoovite is really unique and incomparable.

Thanks for asking my opinion and here it is. Hope you like it.

Mr. Venkat Gopalakrishnan
United States

My experience with Yoovite has been good so far, however I feel that if some more
features like distinguishing guest by adults and kids, any update made to the invite should
be send to all invitees and linking with google maps; would make this service more useful.

Mr. Ashok Nath

Yoovite is better than Evite because, it has many many Indian festival invitations. Keep up
the great work, excellent graphics images.

We can print yoovite and send it to guests as direct mail also!

Mr. Kenny