Confirmation Online Invitation

The answer to “what is confirmation” is that it is a rite of initiation to Christian churches. It is normally carried out through anointing for the purpose of bestowing the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Just like baptism, the confirmation is also a serious religious ceremony and is celebrated in India by the Christian community. gives you a classy tool to invite your friends and relative to the next confirmation party you throw.

The Party
The confirmation according to the Catholic doctrine is a major sacrament to young people around the age of 12 or 13 when they are supposed to receive the Holy Spirit. You can plan a fancy party on your confirmation if you want to. It can either be in a reception hall with DJ and dancing if you want to or you can try a simple backyard barbecue. Try inviting the guests to the church first and then to the party or reception. That way you can have the fun party as well as retain the religious milestone. You can try adding a scripture verse that has a personal meaning to you in the invitation.

Themes and Gifts
Boys are usually fond of sports parties while girls love Bollywood themes. But it depends on the person being confirmed. It doesn’t matter the type of party you decide since most confirmation gifts are usually religious medals, charm bracelets or money tucked inside confirmation day cards. You can however choose to give age appropriate gifts as well. It is best to discuss with the teens about what kind of gifts they like. While decorating, you should keep the meaning of the event in focus and choose materials accordingly.

Food and Drinks
Just as the theme, the food must also reflect the meaning of the occasion. You should prepare a toast to make for the party which includes a meaning of confirmation pertaining to your family and your child. You can also ask your family elders and close family friends to make a similar toast.

You should buy utensils, napkins and cups in advance if you plan to throw the party in your backyard. If you are arranging the event in a separate hall, then the caterers would take care of it. Further, you should remember to buy the groceries at least two days before the main event. You have to be present at the entrance to welcome your guests. You can also appoint small kids to do the job. Make sure that your guests get appropriate refreshments at regular intervals. Be sure about the timing is set beforehand since you don’t want the party to go on indefinitely.

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