Cocktail Party Online Invitation

Cocktail parties are irrespective of the occasion and in India, you can throw a cocktail party on your birthday or anniversary etc. in addition to the regular party. It is not a very touch job to arrange the party. However, choosing the right menu might be difficult. Hence, it is advisable to get a party organizer to do the job for you. You can use the fabulous online invitation tool of to invite your friends and relatives fond of drinking to this fantastic cocktail party of yours. The following party ideas will tell you how to arrange a cocktail party event:

Planning and Decoration
You should first create a guests list for Yoovite tool. Keep the list restricted to close people. Depending on the formality requirements, you can customize the Yoovite invitations. You must mention the dresses code if there is a theme for your party. Your party organizer can take care of the decoration of the hall. Just discuss the design ideas with the organizer and arrive at a proper theme.

You should hire a bartender experienced in mixing drinks since it is a cocktail party. You must make arrangements for both cocktails and mock-tails since there are people who don’t consume alcohol. Have sufficient drinks ready so that you do not run short of it. Keep the glasses and the drink table ready at least 10 minutes before the guests arrive. Martini, Margarita, Screw Drivers, Mojitos etc. are some of the famous cocktails that you can arrange. But if you know the tastes of your friends, you can arrange for more such as Grasshopper, Cuba Libre etc.

Music and Menu
The music should be selected based on the theme. Have a DJ come over to your place and arrange a dance floor as well. You can arrange tons of snacks for your guests. Fried Idlis,        Vadaa, Onion Vadaa, Cheese Bonda, Samosa, Ragada Patties, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Lollipop, Aloo Banda, Dhokla etc are the popular Indian snacks that you can arrange. You can also arrange spring rolls, fish fingers etc. You can add appetizers such as mini-quiches, crudités and pita crisps in addition to small sandwiches and nuts. Tortilla chips and salsa works well with margarita party. Health conscious people can try grilled crostini bread topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers etc.

In addition to cocktails and food, there are many party games you can plan for the occasion. For instance, games such as a “Name the Drink” would let guests guess the cocktail that is on the table. Musical chair is another game you can plan since it fits many occasions. You can also arrange for a tequila drinking competition if there are heavy drinkers. Video games with a shot every 15 minutes of gaming would be a great idea as well.

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