Bhai Dooj Online Invitation

In India, relationships are celebrated like nowhere else. When it comes to the bond of brother-sister love, nowhere is it glorified as much as in India. Indian Hindus celebrate this bond two times every year, with Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj is among the most important Indian festivals and there is huge celebration with a lot of bliss and zeal. Bhai Dooj celebrations fall soon after Diwali and brothers and sisters eagerly make preparations for the day.

If you are planning to hold a big party for Bhai Dooj, you must start your preparations well in advance. Traditional sweets are prepared at home and special gifts are purchased for siblings. Sisters take time and prepare a special Pooja Thali for the Bhai dooj ceremony.

When you start the planning, you will find that the most important part would be sending out invitations for your friends and relatives. It is not easy to individually go and invite everyone these days. Online invitation tools like Yoovite.Com make your job so much easier. You can easily select a template of your choice, enter all the important details like venue and time and send it to all your friends at the same time. What would have normally taken more than a week’s time would get finished in less than a few minutes time.

The essence of Bhai Dooj celebrations is praying for the long and prosperous life your brother. Brother often pamper their sisters with lots of gifts and money on the occasion. The most popular gifts for Bhai Dooj are sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, show pieces, wrist watches, clothes and jewelry.

Food for the party is an important point you must take care of. Family and friends get together and relish the delicacies prepared specially for the day. Sweet meats are the most important dishes for the day.

The brother sister relationship is really sweet and Bhai Dooj must be a time to relive the precious memories of your growing up together time.
Both joy and sorrow are a part of every family. However, having siblings to share everything is a joy that knows no bounds.  With a simple ritual of Bhai Dooj, comes an opportunity to strengthen family bonds of love and trust.

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