Annual Function Online Invitation

Annual Function is an event held by organizations and institutions to bring together people and ensure cultural and intellectual exchange. Such events usually pay tribute to the unity and integrity of people from different backgrounds that happen to be part of the same organization.
Usually these types of events are held as a venue to celebrate the past year’s achievements and to honour the people who achieved them.
In the case of an annual function of school or educational institution the following are the common events:

  • Inauguration
  • Speech by the chief guest or keynote speaker
  • Annual prize distribution for sports and cultural achievements
  • Annual prize distribution for academic achievements
  • Cultural events such as dance and music
  • Intermingling of students, parents and their teachers
  • Vote of thanks

Holding annual functions is advantageous for an organization. There are tax exemptions that the employer can take advantage. It is possible to create annual function as a single event for all departments or have a separate annual function for each department. However, tax exemptions may not apply for more than one annual function per year in the same organization.
A typical annual function in a company would include the following events:

  • Inaugural ceremony
  • Speech of annual function by someone in the top management
  • A retrospect into the last year’s achievements such as meeting targets and client satisfaction
  • Awards and honours for the most performing employees
  • Cultural events
  • Thanksgiving
  • Food

The few things that any employer or staff of an institution must do to organize an annual function are:

  • Choosing the right venue and themes for annual function: If the event includes food, then it is better to arrange the event in an external venue. Further, hotels and external auditoriums have better facilities such as light and sound and readymade themes
  • Choosing the Guest of Honour: If a particularly important person happens to be in the city, the organizers can check whether that person has the time to come for the function. If not a list of suitable individuals must be prepared and checked for their availability
  • Preparing an itinerary and choosing a name for the function: As mentioned before, a typical annual function involves six to seven different events. Based on the available participants and expected duration of each event, a proper itinerary must be prepared. It also helps in choosing the venue and guest of honour since they would like to see the itinerary before giving consent. Choosing a cool name for the function is equally important
  • Backup power supply: If the annual meet is held in an external venue, the coordinators there would ensure backup power such as generators. However, if they are held within the organization, then the event managers must make sure that they have backup power in place just in case the power fails

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