Best Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Is your wedding coming up soon? Have you planned everything well? Whether you are planning a formal event or something casual you have to make sure everything is just right. You don’t want to run around doing things at the last minute, but focus on the most important thing of the day – each other.

Weddings in Bangalore are becoming more and more extravagant by the day. Every couple wants to have the best they can afford on their special day. There are some really innovative ideas for wedding parties coming up these days. No matter what kind of wedding you are planning, you will need to find the perfect wedding venue for the day.

To find a wedding venue in Bangalore is not an easy task because of the vast number of choices that you have. Wedding is once in a lifetime event and you deserve nothing but the best of everything. You also have to make sure that you don’t go overboard with your wedding expenditure.

Here are some of suggestions for the best wedding venues in Bangalore.

Taralabalu kendra community Hall is one of the best locations for wedding parties in Bangalore. It is located at R.T Nagar, Bangalore and has some affordable rates for their wedding plans.

The Chandana Palace Kalyana Mandap is also a perfect place to hold a traditional wedding in Bangalore. You can make your wedding day the most cherishable event of your life by planning your wedding here. It is located in Vidyaranyapura Main Road.

The Pride Hotel is yet another sought after wedding venue in Bangalore. Though this is an extravagant place, the hotel offers a full range of wedding services and would be perfect for everyone who wants to make their wedding grand. They offer several themes of decoration for your wedding day.

Hotel Trinity at Cottonpet is also a good wedding venue in Bangalore. They have a 2000 sq feet hall which can comfortably accommodate the wedding ceremony and reception perfectly.

The 6th Avenue Hotel is a perfect venue for a couple who wishes to have an extravagant wedding party in Bangalore. With prudent lighting and amazing decoration, they can make your wedding nothing short of a fairy tale.

Hotel Pai Comforts has a roof top wedding hall which can accommodate more than 2000 guests. This venue is perfect for anyone who is planning a themed wedding in Bangalore.

There are several more wedding party venues in Bangalore. You must take a look at the best places that are close to your premises and choose the one that fits well in your budget.

Which is the Best Online Invitation Site in India?

With the rising number of online invitation sites in India, it is becoming tough to choose the best one. If you are throwing a party soon, then it is best to use free Indian online invitations. This is becoming a much more reliable way to invite your friends and family to parties and events.

When you send an online invitation, you can be sure that it will reach the recipient. If in any case, the invitation does not get delivered, you get a notification via email immediately. This is the reason why online invitations are becoming much more popular nowadays.

There are several criterions that you have to consider when you choose the best online invitation tool. Some of them are as follows.

Check if they are FREE! Of course when you can get free invitation cards online, there is no point in using ones that you have to pay for. There are several online invitation tools that offer free invitation cards for all Indian events and parties. One well know free invitation site is Yoovite. They have a wide range of invitation cards for all Indian events and most important all their cards are completely free.

Choose one that offers a proper RSVP option: You must also have an easy to use RSVP option on your online invitation cards. The guests must be able to easily respond to the invitation as soon as they receive the card. This is also available with the best online Indian invitation sites.

Check out their templates: When you are having an Indian event, you need more Indianized templates. Check out the sites that offer Indian templates for invitations online.

Range of templates: You must also have a good range of templates to choose from. Just one template under each category will not be perfect. You need a choice when it comes to choosing online invitation templates for Indian events and parties.

Check other options also: Along with this, you can also check the other options that are offered by the invitation tool. Some site also provide you with event planners that can be used for planning your event until it is over.

There are some good online invitation tools available today. You must choose the one that suits your needs perfectly preferably with no charges.

Indian Wedding Invitation Wording

Finding out the best wording for Indian wedding invitation cards can be quite a task. Traditional phrases are mostly used on the Indian wedding cards, but you have to pick the most apt verses for your card.

It definitely requires careful planning and skill to choose wedding invitation wording for your cards. Your wedding day comes only once in a lifetime and it is important to choose the right words for your Indian wedding invitation card.

Browsing several websites will today give you an idea of wordings that can be used for your Indian wedding invitation cards. Here are some common Indian wedding invitation wordings that are used.


Mr. and Mrs. X request
the pleasure of your presence and blessings
for the auspicious occasion of the
wedding of their daughter
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Y
Sunday May xx, xxxx 1 pm

Sharing the happiness
The X family and the Y family
No gifts please, your blessings are our greatest gift!


/ Shree Ganeshaya Namah //
Smt. A & Shri. AB
Request the honor of your presence at the
wedding ceremony of their daughter
(Son of Smt. Radha & Shri. Parvesh Patil)
On Date, Time
Please accept this card as a personal invitation.
Thank You

Because you have shared in our
by your friendship and love, we
Bride Name
Groom Name
Together with our Parents
Mr. & Mrs. A
Mrs. & Mr. B
Invite you to share
The beginning of our new life
When we exchange marriage vows

XXXX and XXXX (Parents of Bride)
YYYY and YYYY (Parents Of Groom)
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage ceremony
uniting their children
XXXX (Bride)
YYYY (Groom)
on the auspicious day
XXXX (Venue)
Reception to follow


cordially invite you for the marriage of their daughter
Son of Mrs. XXXX &
to be solemnized on
Sunday the 4th of August 2002
at XXXX (Venue)
Muhurtham between: 9:15a.m & 10:00a.m.
Reception to follow
at XXXX (Venue)
Starting time: 8:00a.m.
With best compliments of XXXX & YYYY


These are only a few common templates that are used for wedding invitations. You can use the Internet to find wordings for your online Indian wedding invitations. After you have selected the template and the right wordings, simply type them in your free engagement invitations online.

Just have fun writing your wedding invitations. Best wishes for your wedding party.

Checklist for Organizing a Wedding Reception in Chennai

Organizing a wedding reception in Chennai is not going to be an easy task. There are so many things to be taken care of and if you are going to run around to organize everything, it is going to be a tough job.
One way to make things easier is to make a checklist of everything to be done and then use this to arrange everything.

Here is a list of things that you have to keep in mind when making a checklist for organizing a wedding reception in Chennai.

• You have to find a venue that can accommodate all your guests and provide all necessary facilities.

• Remember you will need a dance floor or a stage for the wedding reception, so choose the reception hall accordingly.

• You must also check about other facilities like parking space, rest rooms and dressing rooms for bride and groom. If the wedding reception hall is on an upper floor, make sure that there are elevators to get there and wheelchair access as some of your guests could be really old.

• Find out good locations near the reception hall to take photographs of the bride and groom with family and friends.

• If you are choosing an outdoor party venue in Chennai, make sure you have some covered place that can be used in case of sudden rains.

• You must also make it a point to find out the wedding reception hall that you choose provides a wedding package. Ask them about what would be included within the package.

• Speak with someone at the venue about getting the decorations done for the wedding reception party.

• Make sure you ask them about extra charge included (if any) for decorations and building extra facilities like a dance floor.

• If you are using a hotel banquet hall for the wedding reception party, you also have to make sure if they will allow caterers from outside.

• Make a list of all the things that has to be done on the special day.

• You must assign tasks between family members and friends so that you are not burdened with everything.

How to Organize a Wedding Reception in Mumbai

Almost every Indian wedding in Mumbai, traditional or modern, will have a reception party after the wedding rituals. The reception party is organized for the guests to meet the newlywed couple, congratulate them and bless them.

The wedding reception ceremony is often more crowded than the actual wedding ceremony. This means you need a lot of planning to organize a wedding reception party in Mumbai, Bangalore or any other city in India.

If you have all the details required beforehand, things become much easier. There are hundreds of wedding receptions in Mumbai every day. So, it is important that you plan everything from the wedding reception venue in Mumbai to the caterer for the occasion well in advance.

 Tip: Maintain a checklist to help you plan the wedding reception function.

Decide your guest list: This is one of the first decisions that you have to take after the date for the wedding reception is fixed. You must make sure that you take a little time and organize the guest list before you start sending out the invitations.

Choose the venue: There are several wedding venues in Bangalore that you can choose from. Simply do a search online to find the best wedding reception venues in Mumbai and user reviews on the venues. Some of the best venues for wedding reception in Mumbai are Maa Kripa Banquet Hall, Thane West, Srinathji’s Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Malad West and Trident, Bandra Kurla , Bandra Kurla Complex.

Send invitations: Now that you have decided the guest list, date and venue for the function, you have to now send out your invitations. Make sure you inform all your guests well in advance so that they can arrange to attend your wedding reception in Mumbai.

 Tip: It is best to use online invitations for wedding reception. You can find a wide range of invitation cards for Indian weddings at The easy to use RSVP option in online cards makes it easy for both you and your guests.

Arrange a wedding caterer: After you have decided the venue for the function and invited everyone, you have to arrange a wedding reception caterer in Mumbai for the day. There are several wedding caterers in Mumbai and some of the most popular among them are Swad Caterers, Kirti Caterers, Jain Caterers, Jyoti Caterers and Saaj Caterers.

 Tip: Check the online reviews of the caterers before you make a choice. It is the most important day of your life and you definitely don’t want to make a mistake.

Managing tasks on the day: If you don’t want to be troubled with the arrangements for the day, simply hire a wedding planner in Mumbai. There are so many wedding planners who can take care of everything from decorations to anything and everything for your wedding celebrations. Some of the best wedding planners in Mumbai are Centre Point Events, Tradition N Trendz Event Management, Biz Bash Events and Xposure Events.

Party Planners in Bangalore

Be it any kind of party in India, it is getting really elaborate and complex these days. The number of guests has increased by many folds and the arrangements that have to be made have become really complex. It is becoming really tough to find the best party venues in Bangalore these days.

It is almost impossible for the hosts to individually take care of everything related to weddings in Bangalore these days. Most of the weddings in Bangalore are today organized by catering services and wedding planners in Bangalore.

When you can entrust the wedding planning tasks to a reputed wedding and party planner, you can take it easy and enjoy the wedding to the fullest. Organizing events like weddings are now becoming a cakewalk in cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Pune because of the large number of wedding planners available in these cities now.

The only decision that you have to make is regarding which wedding planner you are going to choose for your function. There are4 so many choices available out there and it is getting really tough to make a choice.

So many wedding planners in Bangalore can now take care of everything related to a wedding from decorations to arranging the food for the party.

Some of the best wedding planners in Bangalore are as follows.

Sri Durga Catering is one of the best choices for wedding catering in Bangalore. They can take care of all the decorations for your wedding venue as well as the food and entertainment for your party.

Nammoora Hotel in JP Nagar is also a great choice for catering services in Bangalore. They offer a very fancy vegetarian menu and can cook out food for more than 250 people in one go.

TJ Wedding Planners in Bangalore is a great choice for wedding planners in Bangalore. They can do everything from decorating the venue, to arranging the food, music and photographyyou’re your function.

For inviting everyone to the party, you can now use free online invitation cards from Yoovite.Com. With a wide range of templates to choose from, online invitations are the best choice for any Indian party now.

Indian Wedding Decorations Ideas

Indian weddings are very popular for their bright decorations and intricate outfits. The bride and the groom are treated like royalty for their wedding celebrations.

There are many wedding halls in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and all major cities of India, where big wedding parties are held. The decorations for Indian weddings are most often very elaborate and colorful.

Most of the traditional Indian weddings would use Red and gold for the decorations. These colors are mostly used because they are believed to be auspicious and bring luck on the new couple.

The most important ingredient for wedding decorations in India would be flowers. Different kinds of flowers are used to decorate the wedding venue, mandap and the wedding reception venue as well. The most common flowers that are used for Indian wedding venues are orchids, carnations, baby roses, roses and lilies. The groom and the bride also exchange flower garlands for an Indian wedding. The flowers for the garland are usually chosen to match with the costume and the mandap decorations. You have to choose the flowers on the basis of the wedding theme that you have chosen. Also choose locally available flowers to reduce the expenses for wedding decorations.

The venues for Indian weddings are usually Shamianas that are well decorated. Rich carpets are often used to adorn the floor of the Shamiana and incense sticks and candles are also used in plenty for the Indian wedding decorations.

Most of the Indian weddings are grand events that bring back life long memories. Make everything about your wedding look memorable by using some magnificent decorations as well.

Indian Wedding Anniversary Online Invitations

Marriage is a wonderful occasion in your life that brings along with it so many good and cherishable memories. Your married life will not be only a bed of roses,. There is bound to be a lot of sorrows and pains along the way as well. However, the best part of being married is that you have someone along with you to share everything that comes by.

Is your wedding anniversary just around the corner? Most of you might be feeling blessed to have a life partner like the one you have and for all those who feel this way, here are a few tips to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

When it comes to celebrating wedding anniversaries, you have to be really creative and thoughtful. You have to crack your brains and think of what your better half would like best on the day.

Some of the tips that you must keep in mind when organizing a wedding anniversary celebration in India are as follows.

Most importantly, remember to feel happy on the day. The joy that reflects on your face will make your partner feel really special.

Celebrations are indeed great. But more than that, it would be a great idea if you could make your partner feel special with little things that you can do. Wake up your partner with love, greet him/her with a special bouquet of flowers and make him/her a special breakfast for the day.

Make sure that you take leave from work for the day if you can afford it. Even if you are not holding party for the occasion, you can simply sit with your partner for the day.

You must also remember to get a special gift for your partner on the day. She/he has to feel special and for this a good gift would be really great. Think of what you partner would love to have on this day.

You could also plan a big get-together with your closest friends and family. Time spent with your loved ones is indeed the most special celebration. If you are putting up a special party for the day, remember to use online invitations for Indian wedding anniversaries from Yoovite.Com. All the invitation cards on this site are absolutely free and the easy to use RSVP option makes things easier for you and your guests.

Avoid Common Wedding Shopping Mistakes

Wedding shopping can cause a lot of confusions if you keep everything for the last minute. To make your wedding shopping enjoyable, you must plan just plan everything well in advance. Wedding shopping can in fact be one of the most enjoyable events of your life. Just imagine trying on stunning clothes and feeling like a princess? Doesn’t it sound like fun?

avoid common wedding shopping mistakesHere are some of the most common wedding shopping mistakes that you should keep in mind so that you can avoid them for yours.

Never hurry into making your purchases:
Most of the weddings today do not take place in a hurry. Every bride has to decide when she wants to make her purchases. However, it is best not to keep everything for the last minute. You have to remember that you need to get your wedding outfits well in advance so that you get enough time to get any alterations done if required. Buying outfits too early can also lead you to regret later as the wedding fashion keeps changing by the day. Unless you are planning to make your own custom made outfit custom-made, make sure you give yourself the time to make your big purchase.

Budget considerations are important
You must remember your budget when you are out to purchase your bridal wear. It is not at all sensible to try or buy bridal-wear that you cannot afford. You must also keep in mind the design change costs or alteration costs that could come across.

Avoid buying the wrong size of bridal wear
Most of the brides want to get into better shape before the wedding day. Though this is definitely a goal worth working for, you must not make the mistake of buying a wedding outfit too small for you. Big alterations on heavily embroidered or stone work garments can destroy the overall look of the outfit.

avoid common wedding shopping mistakes

Avoid confusions
It is very difficult to fix on your bridal outfit as there are so many choices out there and more than one dress could attract you. Keep in mind that once you try a dress that you love, keep away from trying on too many more. This will only increase your confusion and inability to make your choice.

Be true to yourself
Avoid depending on different kinds of fashion and stylists when you make your wedding outfit choices. What you have to remember is that you have to choose what you feel best in. Don’t let anyone else influence your selections.

Hope these tips help you for a great wedding shopping experience!

Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Are you tired of the normal and traditional decorations that all Indian weddings use? We have some exciting ideas for Indian wedding decorations on your wedding day. Decorations are indeed very important for all weddings in India, In fact, the décor used for the weddings sets the mood of the function and hence it is very important to transform the wedding hall completely from dull hall to the dream venue of your wedding. There are absolutely no rules that you have to follow when you are choosing Indian wedding décor. You can choose the style and ideas from anything around you. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

indian wedding decoration ideas

You have to tryout with several materials like paper, glass, fabric or anything else that can make your decorations special. Origami hangings in vibrant colors is becoming very popular for wedding decorations in India. Certain flower decorations made out of simple colored paper looks so beautiful as wedding props.There are several interesting ways to using simple fabric of linen and satin to decorate the tables and chairs that you are using in the Indian wedding hall.How about using lace for your wedding decorations in India? Using lace in your wedding décor can make them really beautiful and also adds a antique charm to the whole wedding decoration setup.Choose unconventional colors for your decorations. If you have got a good sense of colors, then play with several decoration ideas using flowers, fabrics or just paper.

Mismatched traditional furniture can also make great props for your Indian wedding decorations.You must try the Internet for a vast variety of ideas for Indian wedding decorations. You will find a wide range of interesting options and just go for one that you think will look best for your wedding hall.