Watching Cricket with Friends

Cricket is more like a religion for Indians. It has even more popularity than the national game, hockey. No Indian would ever miss a final cricket match with India playing against other teams. However, most of us prefer to stay home and watch the live telecast of cricket in the comfort of our living rooms.It would be amazing if you could get together with your friends and watch the game together.

It can be a party where the main agenda is watching the game together. Cricket fans would love to cheer the team together. Thus, a cricket watching party is indeed a great idea.Though everyone would know the date of the match, no one would know you are holding a party unless you invite them.Watching Cricket with friends

Party invites in India has just become so easy with free online invitation tools like Yoovite. The best place to hold the cricket watching party is somewhere there is a nice widescreen LCD TV. You must invite carefully. It would not be very convenient if so many people were stuffed in the room. Even if you don’t have enough couches, you can just lay out some nice carpets in front of the television.

You must also arrange Indian snacks for the party. Arrange several packets of Lays, Cheetos, Kurkure, Fried Cashews, Peanuts, Banana Chips, Moong Dal, Bhujia, popcorn etc. as simple snacks. Other popular dishes would be French Fries, meat balls, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, burger, spring rolls, sandwiches etc. You could also order pizza for dinner if the match is going to be late night.You can also plan some drinks for party.

You can get soft drinks and if it is going to be guys alone, you could get some beer too. Watching Cricket with Friends