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Upanayana Sanskar is a ritual that is held by some sections of the Hindus and Buddhists, by which initiates are invested with a sacred thread, to symbolize the transference of spiritual knowledge.

In this function, a child is made to wear a thin consecrated cord, composed of distinct cotton strands, which is a symbol of permission given to him to perform Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri Mantra.

This sacred traditional function is also known by other names like Janivaara,Jandhyam,Poita, Poonal, Janeu, Lagun, Yajnopavita, Yagyopavit, Yonya and Zunnar. This ceremony was once associated with higher castes. In some places, this ritual is also performed for girls.

In certain northern states, this ritual is held as an immediate predecessor to wedding ceremonies. The function is known as Munja or Mounji-Bandhana in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.

The three strands of the thread have a symbolic meaning and this varies by community and religion. The three strands stand for three debts, the debt to his teacher, the debt to his parents and ancestors and the debt to God. In some regions, the three strands represent three Goddesses, The Goddess of Mind, The Goddess of Word and The Goddess of Deed.

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