Organizing a Sangeet Ceremony in India

If you have ever attended a Sangeet ceremony in India, you will know that it is an evening filled with music, dance and lots of fun just before the wedding day. According to tradition, Sangeet ceremonies were attended only by the women folk from the bride’s or groom’s family. However, times have changed and now both and men attend Sangeet ceremonies in India.

Sangeet ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies related to a wedding in Delhi, Pune and other places of India. Along with loads of dance and music, special games are arranged for the bride and the groom nowadays.

You must keep a checklist to organize your Sangeet ceremony well. Here are some of the points that you have to keep in mind when you organize a Sangeet ceremony in India.

Make the guest list: This is among the first steps that you will have to take care of when you are planning a Sangeet ceremony. Decide the guest list depending on your budget. If you are planning a long guest list, then it is best to hold the function in a banquet hall.

Fix the date and venue: After you have decided the guest list, you have to pick a suitable date for the function. In most of the cases, the Sangeet ceremony is held on the day before the marriage. However, to make things more convenient, you can shift it to the weekend before the wedding ceremony. This would make it convenient for your guests. You must also pick a suitable venue in the city to hold the Sangeet ceremony.

Invite everyone: The next step is to send online invitations to all your guests. The best option would be to use free online Indian Sangeet invitations from Yoovite.Com. Simply select a nice template, enter all your details and send all the invitations in one go. The easy to use RSVP option enables your guests to respond as soon as they see the invite. Yoovite also sends SMS reminders if you enter the mobile numbers of the guests in the card.

Arrange everything at the venue: You have to make all the decorations required at the venue. If you are planning the Sangeet ceremony in a banquet hall, then you can check with the hall manager to see if they can manage the decorations for the function.

Arrange for entertainment: You only have to assign the task of coordinating the dance, songs and skits for the day to one of the women in the family. She will then co-ordinate with the other women and put up the entertainment for the Sangeet function. Along with the informal entertainment by relatives and friends, you can also arrange for a DJ or a band to perform for the event.

Remember to reconfirm all the arrangements a few days before the function. Check that everything is in place for one of the most special days of your life.

Enjoy the Sangeet ceremony with all your heart. Give in all your efforts to make this day an auspicious beginning to your wedding ceremony.

Mehndi Party Celebrations in India

In Indian weddings, a Mehndi party is held on the night before the wedding. This party is traditionally held in the bride’s home and includes only the women relatives and friends from the bride’s side. The Mehndi parties in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and all major cities of India are filled with a lot of fun and partying.


The main event of the day is putting Mehndi designs on the bride’s hand and feet. Mehndi is also applied for family and friends attending the party. Alongside, there will be lots of music, dance and entertainment involved in the Mehndi party celebrations.

It is the family of the bride that usually bears all the expenses related to the Mehndi party in India. It is also commonly seen that the family hires event planning professionals to plan a Mehndi party in Bangalore, Chennai and other metros of India.

Almost all the women folk from the family and the closest friends are invited for an Indian Mehndi party. It would be a nice idea to have more than one person applying the Mehndi if there are a large number of guests coming to the party.

Food for the Mehndi party often includes snacks and if the function goes well into the night, the family might have to order some food for dinner as well. The music and entertainment must be well planned as you want everything to be perfect for your wedding celebrations.


The Mehndi Night must not be enjoyed to the fullest and you must not be running around with the wedding preparations. You must make your night completely stress free. This way you will be able to enjoy your Mehndi night in the fullest.

All the women who are wearing Mehndi must also make it a point not to wear very exquisite clothing on the Mehndi night, as there is a chance to ruin your clothing. You must also select the designs well in advance. Be creative and ask help from your friends before you choose the design.