Pongal Celebration in India

There are harvest festivals celebrated in all parts of India. In Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the end of the harvest season is celebrated as Pongal. The celebrations usually begin in mid January and the celebrations go on for four days.The first day is called Bhogi Pongal and is dedicated to Lord Indra, the rain God. The second day of Pongal Celebrations is devoted to Sun God Surya and is known as Surya Pongal. The third and final day of Pongal, called Mattu Pongal is to honor the Goddess Parvathy and her son Lord Ganesha and is dedicated to the cattle and other animals. The fourth day, known as Kannum Pongal is the final day, when families relax and have a scrumptious lunch with everyone. This day will also have folk dance performances with music in almost all villages in Tamil Nadu.

Pongal Festival Celebration in India

Pongal is like an Indian version of the Thanksgiving festival celebrated in other parts of the world.The festival of Pongal also marks the beginning of a new year in Tamil Nadu. Just like all other festivals in India, Pongal is also celebrated in great pomp and splendor. The most important thing that people do before the Pongal celebrations begin is decoration of homes with flowers and rangoli, which is known in Tamil Nadu as Kolam.So many rituals are held for Pongal Celebrations in India.

One of the most important rituals is feeding the cattle, a special rice dish called Pongal made with the newly harvested rice.A common ritual for all three days of the Pongal festival is cleaning of homes and decorations with Kolam and flowers. The devotees also wear new clothes and present flowers and Pongal to idols of Lord Ganesha.On the third day of Pongal celebrations, the cattle are also bathed, decorated and then paraded through the villages. Most of the places in Tamil Nadu also hold cattle races and bullfights, which are known here as Jallikattu. There are bags of money tied on the horns of bulls and young men can wrestle with the bulls to win the bags.

It is almost important for people to get dressed in new clothes for the Pongal Celebrations. Women and Girls usually wear half saree or saree and men wear lungi and angavastram. In the modern settings, almost any kind of decent wear is allowed, though most stick to the Indian styles. Tamilians in all major villages and major cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta celebrate the festival of Pongal in great harmony.
Pongal Festival Celebration In Iindia

Kolam is also a very important part of the Pongal Celebrations in India. It is just like rangoli, but the color is all white. There are some really intricate designs that are drawn in front of the Tamilian houses especially for Pongal. Some places also hold Kolam drawing competitions for the kids during the festival. Like all other festivals in India, there are gifts for Pongal also. The farmers usually get ‘Pongal Padi’ or ‘Pongal Parisu’ as gifts from their landowners. Sculptures of God, new kitchen vessels, wooden handicrafts, Pongal Sweets and household goods are the popular gifts for Pongal.