Organizing an Engagement party in India

Engagement parties are getting more and more elaborate these days. Organizing an engagement party today takes a lot of time and effort. Here is a checklist that can help you when you are organizing an Indian engagement party.

Choose the date and time:

Before you choose the date and time for the engagement party, you will need to consult with your elders and also an astrologer to find out an auspicious date.

You must try your best to make it on a date which will be convenient for your friends and family. The best choice would be to conduct the function on a Saturday or Sunday.

Prepare your guest list:

After you have confirmed the date, you have to take a count of the guests expected and then decide a reception hall according to the number. You have to block the venue for the date by paying some advance money.

Make sure you collect information from both the bride’s and groom’s family before you work out the number of guests. You must also choose the number of guests you invite according to your budget.

Send invitations:

The best option is to send online invitations for engagement to all your guests. The easy to use RSVP option enables your guests to respond as soon as they see the invitation. This way you can get a count of the number of guests who are attending very soon.

Share the work:

You must understand that you cannot single handedly handle everything. You need support from everyone who can help you.

Make a list of the things to be done and then assign people to each task. This way you can get help with all the arrangements and you don’t have to run around with everything.

Choose a caterer: According to your budget and the food preferences arrange a caterer for the day. Confirm the quantity of food required only after you get a correct count of the number of guests.

Decorations for the venue: You must also make arrangements for decorating the venue. Alongside make arrangements for entertainment and a photographer as well.

Decide your attire for the day: Make sure you decide what you are going to wear on the special day and make sure you complete all the shopping well in advance. You must not be running around for shopping for your accessories on the day before your engagement party.

Reconfirm all the arrangements:

You must definitely reconfirm all details like the venue, decorations, caterer, entertainment and the florist arrangements to make sure that there are no last minute surprises.

If you don’t want to take any stress for the arrangements of your engagement party, just hire a wedding planner who will take care of everything. However, make sure you choose someone who has previous experiences and don’t forget to check the online reviews of the one you choose as well.