Organizing a Farewell Party in India

A farewell party is not a very happy occasion, but it is held to wish luck to the person who is leaving for another place or job. Organizing a farewell party is similar to how you organize other kinds of parties.

Here are some tips to help you organize a farewell party in India:

Make a list of guests: This is one of the first steps for organizing any kind of party. You have to make a list fo people who are close to the person leaving. Make sure you ask around his friends and colleagues to make sure that you do not miss inviting anyone important.

Fix the date and venue: The next step is to fix the date and venue of the farewell party. The venue has to be a place convenient to most of the guests. The date must also suit the main guests and all his dear friends and colleagues. Make sure you choose a venue that can accommodate all your guests.

Send invitations: Free online invitations is the best choice for farewell parties. Simply choose your favorite template, enter all the details and send the card to all the guests in one click. You can also choose a card where you can upload a picture of the person who is leaving.

Arrange the decorations: You must also properly decorate the venue for the farewell party. Make sure you use decorations that match the theme of the party.

Organise the food: If you are organizing the party in a hotel, then you can order the food from here as well. However, if you are planning to have the party in someone’s home, then make sure you make arrangements for the food for the party.

Organize some farewell speeches: This is also important for a farewell. You must let the person who is leaving how important he is to all of you. Arrange for a few friends to talk about him and the fun times you had with him. Don’t forget to wish him luck and it is best to keep the speeches short.

Buy a farewell gift: It is very usual to give a gift to the person who is leaving. You can choose gifts that he can take with him and not anything that is too big or heavy if he is travelling to a distant place.

Don’t forget to capture memories: You have to arrange someone to take photographs for the day. You will need the memories of this day. Email the photos to everyone who attended the event.