Mahavir Jayanthi Online Invitations

Mahavira was the founder of the religion Jainism in India. He was a prince in India who in his early ages developed a deep interest in the core beliefs of Jainism and started practicing it. At the age of 30, he gave up his throne and started living the life of an ascetic. The most important teaching by Lord Mahavira was that of non-violence to all living beings.

Mahavir Jayanthi is celebrated every year to commemorate his birthday and teachings. The Jain community in India views this day as a very auspicious occasion. The jain followers visit temples and offer a ceremonial bath which is widely known as ‘abhishek’ to the Mahavira’s idol.

The temples are very grandly decorated to honor the birthday of Lord Mahavira. There are also majestic chariot processions, which are carried out by devotees along with chanting prayers.

So many traditional dishes are prepared in a Jain household on this day. The Jains make it a point to give alms to the poor and donate money to charity on this day.

Several shrines and temples also hold sermons to preach the philosophy of spiritual freedom and virtue on this special day. The important chapters from the life of Mahavira are read out aliound by devotees on this special day. There are online invitation cards for Mahavir Jayanti available on online Indian invitation sites like Yoovite.Com. If you are holding a special puja on this day, you can use the Mahavir Jayanthi Online invitation cards at Yoovite to invite everyone.

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