Indian Wedding Decorations Ideas

Indian weddings are very popular for their bright decorations and intricate outfits. The bride and the groom are treated like royalty for their wedding celebrations.

There are many wedding halls in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and all major cities of India, where big wedding parties are held. The decorations for Indian weddings are most often very elaborate and colorful.

Most of the traditional Indian weddings would use Red and gold for the decorations. These colors are mostly used because they are believed to be auspicious and bring luck on the new couple.

The most important ingredient for wedding decorations in India would be flowers. Different kinds of flowers are used to decorate the wedding venue, mandap and the wedding reception venue as well. The most common flowers that are used for Indian wedding venues are orchids, carnations, baby roses, roses and lilies. The groom and the bride also exchange flower garlands for an Indian wedding. The flowers for the garland are usually chosen to match with the costume and the mandap decorations. You have to choose the flowers on the basis of the wedding theme that you have chosen. Also choose locally available flowers to reduce the expenses for wedding decorations.

The venues for Indian weddings are usually Shamianas that are well decorated. Rich carpets are often used to adorn the floor of the Shamiana and incense sticks and candles are also used in plenty for the Indian wedding decorations.

Most of the Indian weddings are grand events that bring back life long memories. Make everything about your wedding look memorable by using some magnificent decorations as well.