Which is the Best Online Invitation Site in India?

With the rising number of online invitation sites in India, it is becoming tough to choose the best one. If you are throwing a party soon, then it is best to use free Indian online invitations. This is becoming a much more reliable way to invite your friends and family to parties and events.

When you send an online invitation, you can be sure that it will reach the recipient. If in any case, the invitation does not get delivered, you get a notification via email immediately. This is the reason why online invitations are becoming much more popular nowadays.

There are several criterions that you have to consider when you choose the best online invitation tool. Some of them are as follows.

Check if they are FREE! Of course when you can get free invitation cards online, there is no point in using ones that you have to pay for. There are several online invitation tools that offer free invitation cards for all Indian events and parties. One well know free invitation site is Yoovite. They have a wide range of invitation cards for all Indian events and most important all their cards are completely free.

Choose one that offers a proper RSVP option: You must also have an easy to use RSVP option on your online invitation cards. The guests must be able to easily respond to the invitation as soon as they receive the card. This is also available with the best online Indian invitation sites.

Check out their templates: When you are having an Indian event, you need more Indianized templates. Check out the sites that offer Indian templates for invitations online.

Range of templates: You must also have a good range of templates to choose from. Just one template under each category will not be perfect. You need a choice when it comes to choosing online invitation templates for Indian events and parties.

Check other options also: Along with this, you can also check the other options that are offered by the invitation tool. Some site also provide you with event planners that can be used for planning your event until it is over.

There are some good online invitation tools available today. You must choose the one that suits your needs perfectly preferably with no charges.

How to use Online Invitations for your Next Event

Indians constantly have so many celebrations and we celebrate all of them by inviting our friends and family. To invite your friends and family members, you no longer have to print out invitations, get stamps and post them. Now, there are some really nice free online invitation tools that can get your job done in a jiffy.

Most of the online invitation sites follow the same process and they are really simple to use.

First sign up with the site: You have to first sign up with the site. Even though some sites allow you to create an online invitation for any event using a guest login, if you want to edit the card at a later time, you will need to sign in.

Now choose your event: Next you have to choose the event for which you want to draft the invitation. Online invitation sites like Yoovite have a large variety of Indianized cards for any kind of event.
Choose your template: After you choose the event, you have to choose you favorite template under the category you have selected. Most of the best Indian online invitation sites will have a huge variety of templates for you.

Enter the details: After you have chosen your template, you have to enter all the details like the event title, date and venue of the event and a small message for all your guests.

Add the guests: Now you have to add the email ids and mobile numbers of all the guests you are inviting. You can also import all the addresses from your email address book and choose the ones you want to invite from the list.

Check the preview: After you have entered the guest details, check the preview of the card so as to see how it will look to your guests.

Now click send: After confirming all the details, click send.

Your invitation then immediately gets sent to all your guests. Your invitees can immediately respond to the invitation with the easy to use RSVP option available in the card.

Organizing an Engagement party in India

Engagement parties are getting more and more elaborate these days. Organizing an engagement party today takes a lot of time and effort. Here is a checklist that can help you when you are organizing an Indian engagement party.

Choose the date and time:

Before you choose the date and time for the engagement party, you will need to consult with your elders and also an astrologer to find out an auspicious date.

You must try your best to make it on a date which will be convenient for your friends and family. The best choice would be to conduct the function on a Saturday or Sunday.

Prepare your guest list:

After you have confirmed the date, you have to take a count of the guests expected and then decide a reception hall according to the number. You have to block the venue for the date by paying some advance money.

Make sure you collect information from both the bride’s and groom’s family before you work out the number of guests. You must also choose the number of guests you invite according to your budget.

Send invitations:

The best option is to send online invitations for engagement to all your guests. The easy to use RSVP option enables your guests to respond as soon as they see the invitation. This way you can get a count of the number of guests who are attending very soon.

Share the work:

You must understand that you cannot single handedly handle everything. You need support from everyone who can help you.

Make a list of the things to be done and then assign people to each task. This way you can get help with all the arrangements and you don’t have to run around with everything.

Choose a caterer: According to your budget and the food preferences arrange a caterer for the day. Confirm the quantity of food required only after you get a correct count of the number of guests.

Decorations for the venue: You must also make arrangements for decorating the venue. Alongside make arrangements for entertainment and a photographer as well.

Decide your attire for the day: Make sure you decide what you are going to wear on the special day and make sure you complete all the shopping well in advance. You must not be running around for shopping for your accessories on the day before your engagement party.

Reconfirm all the arrangements:

You must definitely reconfirm all details like the venue, decorations, caterer, entertainment and the florist arrangements to make sure that there are no last minute surprises.

If you don’t want to take any stress for the arrangements of your engagement party, just hire a wedding planner who will take care of everything. However, make sure you choose someone who has previous experiences and don’t forget to check the online reviews of the one you choose as well.

Checklist for Organizing a Wedding Reception in Chennai

Organizing a wedding reception in Chennai is not going to be an easy task. There are so many things to be taken care of and if you are going to run around to organize everything, it is going to be a tough job.
One way to make things easier is to make a checklist of everything to be done and then use this to arrange everything.

Here is a list of things that you have to keep in mind when making a checklist for organizing a wedding reception in Chennai.

• You have to find a venue that can accommodate all your guests and provide all necessary facilities.

• Remember you will need a dance floor or a stage for the wedding reception, so choose the reception hall accordingly.

• You must also check about other facilities like parking space, rest rooms and dressing rooms for bride and groom. If the wedding reception hall is on an upper floor, make sure that there are elevators to get there and wheelchair access as some of your guests could be really old.

• Find out good locations near the reception hall to take photographs of the bride and groom with family and friends.

• If you are choosing an outdoor party venue in Chennai, make sure you have some covered place that can be used in case of sudden rains.

• You must also make it a point to find out the wedding reception hall that you choose provides a wedding package. Ask them about what would be included within the package.

• Speak with someone at the venue about getting the decorations done for the wedding reception party.

• Make sure you ask them about extra charge included (if any) for decorations and building extra facilities like a dance floor.

• If you are using a hotel banquet hall for the wedding reception party, you also have to make sure if they will allow caterers from outside.

• Make a list of all the things that has to be done on the special day.

• You must assign tasks between family members and friends so that you are not burdened with everything.

Why Are Online Invitations Better?

For any Indian function that you are planning, sending invitations to guests would be one of the most important tasks. All of us would want to send stylish invitations to make our event special. Have you tried the latest trend yet? Well, if you have not then its high time you tried it.

Online invitations are becoming the norm for all Indian events in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. The other smaller cities and towns are also fast catching up to this trend.

Holding an event or Puja in India definitely involves a lot of money. So, if you can actually cut the budget short by using free online invitation cards, would it not be great?

This is the best part of using online invitations for Indian events. You don’t have to spend a single penny on these cards. All you must have is an internet connection. Simply select the template you like, add all the event details, import the guest email ids from your address book and send them all in a single click.

This way, you can save a lot of money and also your precious time. Imagine the pain of writing down all the guest phone numbers and then calling them one by one. Some of them would not be available at the time you are calling and you would have to call them later again. There are chances that you would forget to make the call at a later time. This way, you could easily miss inviting some of your most important guests. Now, that would not be a good thing about your party.

Now, in this online world, it is easiest to send your invitations via free online invitation tools like Yoovite.Com. The easy use RSVP option enables your guests to respond to your invitation as soon as they see your invitation.

You can visit Yoovite.Com to check out the best range of online invitations for Indian events.

Indian Engagement Party Gift Ideas

An engagement party is held to announce the wedding date of your marriage to all friends and relatives.

A traditional Indian Engagement function is usually a very grand affair. Indian engagement ceremonies include plenty of formal ceremonies. There are a lot of engagement party organizers in India who can help you manage the event wonderfully.

The main idea of the event is to bring together all members of both the families and offer blessings from their behalf to the couple being wedded. Indian engagement ceremonies will have a ring exchanging ceremony and then both families exchange gifts. There are plenty of ideas for Indian traditional gifts that can be given for an engagement ceremony.

Jewelry Gifts are the best choice of gifts for Indian engagement parties. In addition to the engagement ring that the bride-to-be receives, there are several other types of jewellery that she receives to be worn on her wedding day. Some of the pieces of jewellery that can be gifted to an Indian bride-to-be are Maangtika (crown), necklaces, earrings and nose ring. Anklets, toe rings and bangle bracelets are also very popular jewelry gifts for engagement parties in India.

Clothes are also a nice choice of gifts for Indian engagement party. You could gift the bride to be with sarees or lehangas that young Indian brides often wear. For the Indian Grooms, the best choice of clothing gifts would be jodhpuris or dhotis and Indian wedding suits. If you want modernize your gift, you could present him with a t-shirt that says: “Just engaged”.

Beverages are also a nice idea for engagement gifts. A fine bottle of champagne would be a great idea. Expensive chocolates, gourmet cookies, or made-to-order cakes will also be a big hit for Indian party gifts.

An Indian Engagement party is rooted in traditions and customs. If you would like to get ideas on how to conduct your engagement party, you should go online to search for Indian engagement party ideas.

Engagement party Invitations can be drafted using online invitation tools like Yoovite.Com. The easy to use RSVP option is so helpful for your guests to let you know if they are coming.