How to Organize a Surprise Birthday party?

A surprise birthday party is an amazing thing at any age. If you have any dear ones celebrating their birthday soon, then you could organize a surprise birthday party for him or her. This would be so much fun to you and your dear one.

Here are some tips that must be followed when you put up a surprise birthday party for anyone.
Remember it’s a secret!

Now, this is the most important point that you have to keep in mind when you are organizing a surprised birthday party for her. You must make sure that you tell only the closest friends and relatives as you don’t want to spoil the surprise for your loved one. One of the worst things you could do when you are organizing a surprise birthday party is telling too many people about it. You must also make sure that the person for whom you are throwing the party does not see any decorations of other items purchased for the party.

Plan a convenient date

You must plan a proper date and make sure that the special person for whom the party is held will be away until party time.

No visible decorations!

A surprise party should be totally surprising, so make sure you don’t let her see the decorations or guests before she comes into the party place. If the guests could park the car a little away and walk over to the party place, it would be easier to keep the surprise. But, make sure you get some good decorations and make the place look amazing. Don’t forget to get a cake as well.

Make a proper guest list

You definitely need to invite your near and dear ones to the party. So make sure you make a guest list and send a free online invitation to all of them. Do not forget to mention that it’s a surprise birthday party in your invitation card.

Plan some good games

You need to make the day special and for this you will need to organize some games and activities for the day. It would be nice to organize a group game which everyone would enjoy. If you are holding the party for a kid, then you could also hire a magician or clown to the party.
Plan the party on another date.

It is best that you organize the party on a different date. A few days before the birthday would be the perfect time to hold a surprise birthday party.

Reconfirm with your guests on the previous day.

You must make sure that you remind your guests about the party at least a day in advance. If you are using online invitation cards from Yoovite, then automatic reminders will be sent to all your guests before the party.

Switch off the lights and yell SURPRISE!

Now that everything is set and your guests have arrived in time, make sure you switch off the lights and shout our SURPRISE as soon as the special person comes in.
Enjoy your surprise party!

How to use Online Invitations for your Next Event

Indians constantly have so many celebrations and we celebrate all of them by inviting our friends and family. To invite your friends and family members, you no longer have to print out invitations, get stamps and post them. Now, there are some really nice free online invitation tools that can get your job done in a jiffy.

Most of the online invitation sites follow the same process and they are really simple to use.

First sign up with the site: You have to first sign up with the site. Even though some sites allow you to create an online invitation for any event using a guest login, if you want to edit the card at a later time, you will need to sign in.

Now choose your event: Next you have to choose the event for which you want to draft the invitation. Online invitation sites like Yoovite have a large variety of Indianized cards for any kind of event.
Choose your template: After you choose the event, you have to choose you favorite template under the category you have selected. Most of the best Indian online invitation sites will have a huge variety of templates for you.

Enter the details: After you have chosen your template, you have to enter all the details like the event title, date and venue of the event and a small message for all your guests.

Add the guests: Now you have to add the email ids and mobile numbers of all the guests you are inviting. You can also import all the addresses from your email address book and choose the ones you want to invite from the list.

Check the preview: After you have entered the guest details, check the preview of the card so as to see how it will look to your guests.

Now click send: After confirming all the details, click send.

Your invitation then immediately gets sent to all your guests. Your invitees can immediately respond to the invitation with the easy to use RSVP option available in the card.

Baby Shower Party Ideas

The Indian baby shower parties date back to several centuries in some cultures. The approaching birth of a child is celebrated with so much pomp and gaiety in most parts of India. The new to-be mother is honored and given advice by the elders in the family on taking care of the kid she is going to give birth to.

A small variant of the baby shower party ideas is the diaper shower, which is conducted after the child is born. The shower here means showering the mother-to-be with the most amazing gifts and warm wishes.

She is quite the VIP of the day. The gifts that are mostly given for these parties are everything for the baby. It can be anything from diapers, clothes, baby bottles or toys and other similar items for the baby.
The baby shower parties in India usually include all the closest family members and friends. Relations are valued so much in the country and it is rare that any party would not include the elders of the family.
The host of the event is usually the soon-to-be mother’s closest friend or relative. Most of the time, such Indian baby shower parties include snacks and sweets instead of full meals.

In India, the function has several names like in Hindi, it is known by the name Godbharaai. For the Marathis, it is Dohaaljewan. The Bengalis and Oriya call this function, Saadh. Tamilians and the natives of Andhra call this ceremony, Seemantam or Valaikaapu. In Karnataka, it is known as Seemanta. In most of the places in India, the function is held only for the women in the family.

The Nair Community in Kerala calls this function, Pulikudi. The special lady for the day is massaged with the most medicinal Ayurvedic Oils, which is followed by a customary bath and then worship of the family deity.

The Muslims celebrate the baby shower festival by the name, Aqiqah. Their ceremony includes sacrificing animals and distributing the meat amongst everyone within the house and guests from outside as well.
You can now use free online invitations for sending your invitations for baby shower parties in India. Simply select from a wide range of templates, enter all the important details and send it to all your guests at the same time. The easy to use RSVP option also helps to get quick responses from your guests and plan the party well.