Party Planners in Delhi

The busy life style of parents is making them rely more on party planners in Delhi. Most of the working parents want to put up an amazing birthday party for their kids, but unfortunately they cannot find the time to arrange everything because of their busy work schedule.

Party planners in Delhi are increasing in number and it is becoming difficult to make a choice. To organize a party without any flaws, it is best to hire a party planner in Delhi.

Most of the Delhi party planners are professional in understanding your needs and working out the best suitable party for your kid.

All you have to do is share you idea with them. After this, they will take everything under their control and plan everything appropriately.

Choosing the best party planner in Delhi is one of the most important tasks before you. You have to make a good research on the Internet and also ask amongst your friends before you make your decision.

The key abilities that a party planner must possess are ability to manage time, multitasking, communication skills, professionalism in everything they do and capability to deal with sudden downfalls.

A good party planner should be able to deal with tight deadlines. Unless she can properly communicate with you, she will not be able to understand your requirements correctly. So, communication skills are really important when you choose a wedding planner in Delhi.

Party planners also need to be filled with ideas. When you speak of your requirements, they must be able to come up with ideas to make the party perfect.

Searching on the internet is one of your best options to find the best wedding planners in Delhi.

Indian Housewarming Invitation Wording

Moving into a new home is always a new beginning in anyone’s life. You need the blessings of all your loved ones and this calls for a celebration. Indian housewarming parties are always celebrated with friends and family.

Gruhapravesam is a very popular function in Indian culture. People invite their friends and family on Grigapravesham occasion.

Earlier days, people invite their guests traditionally by calling or sending them printed invitation cards. But not you can invite everyone for the housewarming party using free online housewarming invitation tool for Indian. These cards are free of cost and are much more reliable than the traditional postal cards. All you have to do is select your favorite template, enter all the details and send you card to the email ids of all your friends and relatives.

Once you have decided the time, date and venue for your party, all you have to do is pen down the words for your invitation. Finding out wording for housewarming invitation cards could be quite a task.

Here are some of the most common wording samples for Indian housewarming invitation cards


Mrs and Mr ABC
cordially invite you to grace the auspicious occasion of
Griha Pravesh
of their new dwelling to be held on
Date and Time


We earnestly solicit your presence on this occasion
to have dinner with us and bless our home
With the blessings of God and all our elders
We have been able to fulfill our dreams of
Moving into our new home
House name
On this auspicious occasion of

We would like to share our joy with family and friends
Please grace us with your presence and blessings
We solicit your gracious presence to share our joy
And happiness on the occasion of our
Housewarming Party
Date, Time
Please join us for dinner anytime from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Mrs X and Mr Y
Cordially invite you with family and friends
On the auspicious occasion of
Vastu Pujan
Of our new residence
Date, time
Lunch: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Residence Address:

Our welcome mat is out,
Just like before
But now, we have a different door
Join us for our housewarming party
The boxes are unpacked, the interiors are set.
And it’s time you join the celebration at our new residence.
Date, time, Venue

A home is made with love. And it is this love that we would like you, to share with us.
Come join us, in making our new house our home.
Date, time, Venue
We finally moved into a nest of our own.
Please join us for a housewarming party.

Date, time, Venue

My family and I request your presence at our new home to celebrate a new chapter of our lives. Our housewarming party is on (date) at (address). Please do come and celebrate with us.

We have fully unpacked and ready to party! You’re invited to our housewarming ceremony in our new place at (address) on (date). Celebration starts at (time).


We moved to our new place at (address). To celebrate this wonderful event, we invite you to come to our housewarming party on (date) at (time). We will have dinner (or lunch depending on the time of our party) and drinks to commemorate the event.


Before you start sending out the invitations, you have to make sure that you have mentioned the date, time and most importantly the new home address. On online invitations, you can also include a map giving directions to the house. It is also important to include your telephone number so that the guests can contact you in case of any confusion.

If you are using online invitations for housewarming, your guests can immediately respond through the easy to use RSVP option.

Which is the Best Online Invitation Site in India?

With the rising number of online invitation sites in India, it is becoming tough to choose the best one. If you are throwing a party soon, then it is best to use free Indian online invitations. This is becoming a much more reliable way to invite your friends and family to parties and events.

When you send an online invitation, you can be sure that it will reach the recipient. If in any case, the invitation does not get delivered, you get a notification via email immediately. This is the reason why online invitations are becoming much more popular nowadays.

There are several criterions that you have to consider when you choose the best online invitation tool. Some of them are as follows.

Check if they are FREE! Of course when you can get free invitation cards online, there is no point in using ones that you have to pay for. There are several online invitation tools that offer free invitation cards for all Indian events and parties. One well know free invitation site is Yoovite. They have a wide range of invitation cards for all Indian events and most important all their cards are completely free.

Choose one that offers a proper RSVP option: You must also have an easy to use RSVP option on your online invitation cards. The guests must be able to easily respond to the invitation as soon as they receive the card. This is also available with the best online Indian invitation sites.

Check out their templates: When you are having an Indian event, you need more Indianized templates. Check out the sites that offer Indian templates for invitations online.

Range of templates: You must also have a good range of templates to choose from. Just one template under each category will not be perfect. You need a choice when it comes to choosing online invitation templates for Indian events and parties.

Check other options also: Along with this, you can also check the other options that are offered by the invitation tool. Some site also provide you with event planners that can be used for planning your event until it is over.

There are some good online invitation tools available today. You must choose the one that suits your needs perfectly preferably with no charges.

Tips to hold your Housewarming Party in India

Moving into your new home is one of the most exciting moments of your life. It is also sometime stressful if you are organizing a housewarming party for your friends and relatives. Holding a housewarming party is the best way to invite your near and dear ones to your new home.

Most of us hold a housewarming party to present our new home to all friends and family. So, it is best to wait until your home is in perfect shape. Of course you don’t have to arrange everything in place before you organize the party. Everyone knows it is going to take a long time before your fully settle in your new home.

All your friends and relatives just want to see how your house looks like. Here are some tips that you can follow when you organize a housewarming party in India.

Decide your budget:

You must first decide how much money you are going to spend for the party. Remember you have just finished the construction of your new home and it is common to be a little tight after all the expenditure. In such case, you can just have a nice and informal sit-down dinner. Choose the kind of party you want to have based on your budget.

Make the guest list: After you have decided the budget, make the guest list. Write down a rough list of everyone you want to invite.

Decide the date: Choose a date that is convenient to majority of your guests. It is best to choose a weekend for your house warming party celebrations.

Send out online invitations: Use free online invitations for housewarming from sites like Yoovite.Com to invite your friends and family for the event. The process is really simple and you can send the invite to several people in less than a few minutes time. The RSVP option enables your guests to respond immediately.

Arrange food for the party: You must arrange food according to the time of the party. If the party is going to be held in the evening, snacks would suffice, but if necessary, arrange lunch or dinner. It is best to organize a caterer for the day so that you don’t have to get busy with the cooking.
Show your house to all: You must become a tour guide for the day and take your friends and relatives around so that they can view your house fully.

Relax: It’s not such a tough task to organize your housewarming party. After all you have gone through an even bigger task of getting your house built. Plan everything in advance and enjoy your party.

How to use Online Invitations for your Next Event

Indians constantly have so many celebrations and we celebrate all of them by inviting our friends and family. To invite your friends and family members, you no longer have to print out invitations, get stamps and post them. Now, there are some really nice free online invitation tools that can get your job done in a jiffy.

Most of the online invitation sites follow the same process and they are really simple to use.

First sign up with the site: You have to first sign up with the site. Even though some sites allow you to create an online invitation for any event using a guest login, if you want to edit the card at a later time, you will need to sign in.

Now choose your event: Next you have to choose the event for which you want to draft the invitation. Online invitation sites like Yoovite have a large variety of Indianized cards for any kind of event.
Choose your template: After you choose the event, you have to choose you favorite template under the category you have selected. Most of the best Indian online invitation sites will have a huge variety of templates for you.

Enter the details: After you have chosen your template, you have to enter all the details like the event title, date and venue of the event and a small message for all your guests.

Add the guests: Now you have to add the email ids and mobile numbers of all the guests you are inviting. You can also import all the addresses from your email address book and choose the ones you want to invite from the list.

Check the preview: After you have entered the guest details, check the preview of the card so as to see how it will look to your guests.

Now click send: After confirming all the details, click send.

Your invitation then immediately gets sent to all your guests. Your invitees can immediately respond to the invitation with the easy to use RSVP option available in the card.

Best Party Halls in Mumbai

Mumbai is one city where there is never any dearth of activity. There are parties almost every day and it is not very easy to locate the best party halls in Mumbai. Here is a list of the best party venues in Mumbai for your reference.

Trendy at Tote on the turf

This is one of the most popular non-five star banquet space in Mumbai that can be used to host any kind of party. The party hall is big enough to hold more than 500 guests. For any kind of party that has guests from 60 to 600, the Trendy at Tote on the Turf is an excellent venue to host it. The widest range of cuisine is offered here. The prices start from around Rs. 1500 per head.

Urban chic at the Four Seasons Pavilion

This is yet another classy party hall in Mumbai. The ambience of this banquet hall is excellent and if you are holding the party in the morning, then the natural lighting entering from the French windows is going to be an added attraction. An extensive menu is offered here from Cantonese, Japanese and Thai to Italian, Mexican and of course Indian. You have to spend a minimum of Rs 250,000 for dinner and Rs 150,000 for lunch to book this hall for your next party in Mumbai.

Laid back at Aurus

This is the only beachfront restaurant in Mumbai. With intrinsically designed interiors and a vast variety of food offered, this is becoming an excellent place to host special wedding parties in India.

The Rare Mumbai Boat party

For those of you who want to hold a special party, private boat bash would be an excellent idea. A boat party is now becoming a popular thing in Mumbai. A party for 100 people can be held with a DJ and food for around Rs. 3,00,000. For every extra hour that you rent the boat, you will have to pay additional Rs 10,000. Now, there are also smaller boats that you can rent for around Rs 7,500 for an hour-long cruise. There are options for those who are not looking for very luxurious options as well.

These are among the best party halls to celebrate parties in Mumbai. For your next party, use free online invitation cards from Yoovite to invite all your friends and relatives. Online invitations are becoming more popular now for both their ease of use and the economical advantages.

Griha Pravesh Online Invitations

It is a very important moment of your life when you are leaving your old house and entering a new one. Buying a house in Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and other parts of the country is a dream come true for most Indians. This is why the feat of building or buying a new home is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India.

Just before you move to your new house, you think of different ways to celebrate the housewarming ceremony of your new home. It is considered very auspicious to hold the Griha pravesh ceremony before you start living in a flat or house in India.

A few things that you will need to keep in mind when you are organizing a house warming party in India are as follows.
Choose the correct time: Most of the Indians look for auspicious timing to enter a new house. This also has to coincide with a convenient time for all the guests that you are planning to invite for the Griha pravesh function.

Use online invitations: You can now use online invitations for housewarming in India to make things much easier. By using online invites, you can easily make a guest list and invite everyone for the party within a few minutes time. Yoovite.Com has a wide range of Indian Housewarming invitation cards for you.

Decorations for your home: Keep the decorations simple. Plan all the interior decorations with the help of a designer. Filling your new house with all the furniture is not necessary during the time of the ceremony. You can have simple decorations like lighting candles, spraying room fresheners and keeping the house clean.

Food for the ceremony: Most Indians would love to give a feast to their guests on this special day. You can either order the food with a catering service or prepare everything at home. Make sure that you arrange the food according to the timing of the function. It would not be sensible to serve dinner to your guests at 4pm in the evening.

Thank your guests: Make sure you personally thank all the guests who made it to your house on the special day. You can also email them after the party saying thanks for coming.