Gudi Padwa Celebrations in Mumbai

Gudi Padwa is one of the most important celebrations for the people of Maharashtra. This festival is celebrated as New Year’s Day in the state as it falls on the first day of the Marathi calendar. This day is considered among the most auspicious days to begin any new project. All other states of India also celebrate this festival by other names.

Though Gudi Padwa in Mumbai is more popular, other cities in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh also celebrate this day in great pomp and splendor. Gudi Padwa in Bangalore or Hyderabad is popularly known as Ugadi or Yugadi.


On this special day, people place a Gudi in front of their house, which is to represent the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana.

Gudi, meaning Brahma’s flag (Brahmadhvaj) and is hoisted by people on this day to symbolize the victory of good over evil. Placing the Gudi in front of your house is believed to ward off evil influences and bring prosperity and good luck into the house. Devotees make Gudi by tying a bright green or yellow cloth to a long bamboo. Over this cloth, gathi (a type of sweet), neem leaves, a twig of mango leaves and a garland of red flowers is also tied.


This festival symbolically marks the victory of good over evil. The house is well decorated with mango leaves and Rangoli. Every member of the family wear new clothes and celebrate the festival by wishing each other a happy new year.

Decorating the house is a very important ritual of Gudi Padwa celebrations in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Some of the devotees even paint their house and get new flooring for the house before this day.

As Gudi Padwa marks an auspicious occasion, people often wait for this day to purchase goods for their house. Most people in Mumbai buy gold ornaments, new clothes, home appliances and new vehicles on this special day.

Decorating the main door is also a very important part of Gudi Padwa celebrations in India. The front door is decorated with flower garlands and a colorful rangoli is drawn in front of the main door.

To begin the Gudi Padwa celebrations, all the members of the family wear new clothes and gather in the morning to set up the Gudi in front of their house. The Gudi is well decorated and after this, garlands, haldi-kumkum, rice etc are offered to the Gudi. After placing the Gudi in front of the house, rangoli is drawn at the foot of Gudi.

Gudi Padwa Celebrations

What exactly is the Gudi Padwa in India? The New Year based on the Hindu Calendar is celebrated as Gudi Padwa on the first day of Chaitra month in India.

Indians consider this as a perfect time to commence with new things. So many functions take a beginning on this auspicious day. The free online invitation tools like Yoovite is a perfect tool to invite your friends and family to the Gudi Padwa in India.

Greetings for the New year can also be sent with online tools. There are so many things that have to be taken care of when you celebrate Gudi Padwa at home. Some of the most important things that have to be taken care of are as follows.

The home decorations have to be done in style and you have to create an atmosphere that welcomes the New Year. The decorations for Gudi Padwa include putting up diyas, candles, flowers, torans, string lights and rangoli. Plenty of people also put out potted plants on window ledges and repaint the house before the New Year sets in. The furniture and curtains are also well cleaned and set up nicely before the New Year Celebrations commence.


The activities for Gudi Padwa Celebrations are different in different states. The Maharashtrian tradition is to prepare a Gudi (doll) and place it at the doorstep. Along with this there are so many rituals that are planned for the day. The celebrations also include merry making among family and friends with a lot of singing and dancing.

The food for Gudi Padwa Celebrations in India is a major aspect. There can be several kinds of vegetarian recipes and depends on the state you live in. Almond Rolls, Bata Vada, Bean Cakes, Boortsog, Chocolate Risotto, Dry Fruit Chikki, Fried Brown Rice, Greek Halva and Imam Baildi are some of the best dishes and sweets that are made for Gudi Padwa celebrations in the country.

Just like all other festivals in India, there are so many kinds of gifts that you can choose for your friends and family on Gudi Padwa. Flowers are among the most popular gifts given for Gudi Padwa celebrations across the country. There are so many online flower delivery sites that can take care of this for you now. Ornaments, wall hangings, flower vases and other handicraft decorative are also perfect gifts for Gudi Padwa celebrations. The Door hanging also known as Bandhanwar is also a perfect gift for Gudi Padwa.