Tips for choosing the best venue for your party

There are so many things that you have to consider before you choose a venue for your party. The venue that you choose must be one that suits the event you are conducting. Here are a few tips that you can use when you choose a party venue in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi or any other city in India.

Make a checklist: You have to first collect the list of halls that are available near your locality. When you make the list, you must depend on the recommendations received from friends and relatives and research on the Internet.

After you make your checklist, you have to visit each venue to see if they suit your requirements. You will also have to check if the venue is available on the date of your function.

If the venue is available on the date you prefer, then you must check for all facilities like condition of the venue, the catering options offered and other amenities offered.

Choose a list of venues that suit your requirements and is available on the date of your event.
Now get quotations from all the venues you have shortlisted. After that, compare between the quotations and choose the one that best suits your budget.

It is also important to take an opinion from your closest relatives before you decide on the venue. Also, make an advance payment to book your venue and get a confirmation from them to ensure that the venue has been blocked for your event. This will remove all last minute confusions.

Before you know it, the event is going to be over. So, put in some extra effort and plan everything in advance so that you don’t have to run around for getting things done at the last minute.

Party Planners in Delhi

The busy life style of parents is making them rely more on party planners in Delhi. Most of the working parents want to put up an amazing birthday party for their kids, but unfortunately they cannot find the time to arrange everything because of their busy work schedule.

Party planners in Delhi are increasing in number and it is becoming difficult to make a choice. To organize a party without any flaws, it is best to hire a party planner in Delhi.

Most of the Delhi party planners are professional in understanding your needs and working out the best suitable party for your kid.

All you have to do is share you idea with them. After this, they will take everything under their control and plan everything appropriately.

Choosing the best party planner in Delhi is one of the most important tasks before you. You have to make a good research on the Internet and also ask amongst your friends before you make your decision.

The key abilities that a party planner must possess are ability to manage time, multitasking, communication skills, professionalism in everything they do and capability to deal with sudden downfalls.

A good party planner should be able to deal with tight deadlines. Unless she can properly communicate with you, she will not be able to understand your requirements correctly. So, communication skills are really important when you choose a wedding planner in Delhi.

Party planners also need to be filled with ideas. When you speak of your requirements, they must be able to come up with ideas to make the party perfect.

Searching on the internet is one of your best options to find the best wedding planners in Delhi.

Ideas for Kids Birthday party Themes

Kids birthday parties are very important functions for parents and they take all the pains to make it the most wonderful moments. All kids birthday parties are now themed. Finding the right theme for your kids birthday party is one of the first tasks today.

Birthdays are huge milestones in life and by celebrating the day with friends and relatives, you can make it an everlasting memory. Planning birthday parties is no longer a toigh job mainly because of the party planners available in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and all other Indian cities.

If your kids birthday is fast approaching, then it’s time that you started thinking of a theme for the party. Here are some ideas for Indian birthday party themes.

Master Chef Birthday Party: This program is a huge hit amongst the kids as well and this would be am exciting theme for your kids birthday party. Divide the kids into red and blue teams and give them small tasks and mystery box challenges with their aprons and chef hats on. It sure is going to be exciting for the kids.

Football Party: If your little boy is a football fan, then think no more. A football party themes would be the best choice for him. Make the kids into two teams and let them enjoy some good gaming and exciting snacks soon after. They are going to love it!

Angry Birds: This is still not a very common birthday theme, but if you want to think of something really different, then you could go for this theme.

Harry Potter and Magic: The kids today are hooked with harry Potter and his friends. Make your kids birthday a costume party and ask them to be anyone they want to be from the book except Harry Potter. Of course, that is going to be the birthday boy.

Chotta Bheem and friends: This is yet another interesting theme that is picked for kids birthday party themes today.

Theme Park: If you are ready to take the kids out for a fun filled day, then you must opt for an outing to the nearest theme park. Let them enjoy to their fill on the rides and have some nice snacks ready when they are tired of the rides.

Princess Theme: Just adorn everything in pink, have your daughter crowned and get some good party supplies that will match this theme. Don’t forget to arrange some nice games and entertainment for the kids.

Pirates or Superheroes: A Pirate themed party is also a nice choice. If you kid has a favorite super hero like Batman, Superman or Spiderman, then you go ahead and theme your party around this.

Choosing the party theme must be according to the interest of the kids. You have to choose the theme according to what your kid would love the best. The best option would be to go ahead and ask them.

Make sure you give in your best for the party because seeing that lovely smile on your kids face is going to make all the hard work worth it.

Kids Birthday Party Venues in Bangalore

Kids birthday parties are becoming more and more elaborate in all parts of India. Not long before, birthday parties for kids in Bangalore, Chennai and other parts of India were just simple affairs hosted at home. However, times have changed and kids’ birthday parties are now being hosted in big party halls with a scrumptious spread of food items.

Kids nowadays have a huge list of friends and they will want to invite everyone for their special birthday party. You can choose find a party venue in Bangalore after checking the guest list of your kid.

If you have only a few guests, you can either hold the party at home or at popular fast food joints like Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner and KFC. Most of these fast food joints in Bangalore will be happy to accommodate your kid’s birthday party on a floor of their outlet. An endless supply of Pizza, fizzy drinks and other fast food delights, such party venues in Bangalore would also accommodate entertainment options like a juggler or a magician to help you bring in more fun to the kids birthday party in Bangalore.

Some other party venues that you can consider in Bangalore are Mary Brown and McDonald’s which also offers special kiddy-sized meals, toys and balloons and the kids can also get their picture taken sitting next to the clown.

If you are planning something bigger, you can also get in touch with Amoeba, which has a bowling alley and gaming centre for kids. You can also arrange great food at their place and make the day fully worthwhile for your daughter or son.

Opus is another great kids birthday party venue in Bangalore. They can set up street-food stalls for your kid and also help your arrange special games for your kid and her friends.

Jaamba Jungle is also a great place to hold a rocking birthday bash in Bangalore. Their coin-operated amusement games and video games would make the place a big hit amongst the kids.

You can also organize a kids birthday party in a big resort like Club Cabana. Such venues will also arrange water slides, huge play areas and various other facilities for a perfect birthday party for kids.

Parents D’Lounge is also a good place to host kids birthday party in Bangalore. You can include various entertainment options like a Puppet Show, Karaoke for kids with rhymes, dance music, and almost anything within your customized budget.

Moming in Koramangala and Claytopia at Indiranagar are also excellent party venues in Bangalore.

Kids Party Venues in Bangalore

Kids parties in India are now getting more and more elaborate. Every kids wants a birthday party today and parents are out to make it the best day of their life. So, organizing birthday parties in Bangalore is now becoming a really hectic task.

Finding the best venues for kids party in Bangalore is one of the biggest task. Some years ago, birthday parties were small events organized at the kids homes with their closest friends and relatives. However things have changed for the better now.

Your kid must have the best birthday party that you can afford and for this you need to do some research.

It is easiest to find a party venue that will take care of the food for the kids as well. Fast food joints like KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut are becoming the most popular party venues in Bangalore.

Such party venues in Bangalore also take care of the decoration and the games for the party. They will take care of the arrangements while you can sit back and relax.

Fast food would be the choice for kids party food any day. With an endless supply of pizzas, burgers, fizzy drinks and other crunchy delights, such venues would be a sure hit with the kids.
They could also have the occasional juggler or the magician to bring in more fun. There are other venues like Marry Brown and McDonald’s which are popular for their kiddy-sized meals, toys and balloons. The kids would also love to have their picture taken sitting next to the clown.

If you are holding the party for teens, then you could go for a place higher like Amoeba. The bowling alley and gaming fun along with the great food will keep the party a hit amongst the kids. It could definitely cost you a lot to hold a birthday party in Bangalore, but it would be a joy to watch your kid and her friends enjoy the whole effort.

Another good party venue for kids in Bangalore is Jaamba Jungle where they have coin-operated amusement games, video games and a soft play centre plus a multi cuisine menu especially designed for kids. A resort like Club Cabana would be really expensive, but if you want to have huge play areas and water rides, then this would do perfect. Other favorite places include Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh. Their open landscapes and toy-train rides are what make such venues a good spot for kids birthday parties.

How to Organize a Surprise Birthday party?

A surprise birthday party is an amazing thing at any age. If you have any dear ones celebrating their birthday soon, then you could organize a surprise birthday party for him or her. This would be so much fun to you and your dear one.

Here are some tips that must be followed when you put up a surprise birthday party for anyone.
Remember it’s a secret!

Now, this is the most important point that you have to keep in mind when you are organizing a surprised birthday party for her. You must make sure that you tell only the closest friends and relatives as you don’t want to spoil the surprise for your loved one. One of the worst things you could do when you are organizing a surprise birthday party is telling too many people about it. You must also make sure that the person for whom you are throwing the party does not see any decorations of other items purchased for the party.

Plan a convenient date

You must plan a proper date and make sure that the special person for whom the party is held will be away until party time.

No visible decorations!

A surprise party should be totally surprising, so make sure you don’t let her see the decorations or guests before she comes into the party place. If the guests could park the car a little away and walk over to the party place, it would be easier to keep the surprise. But, make sure you get some good decorations and make the place look amazing. Don’t forget to get a cake as well.

Make a proper guest list

You definitely need to invite your near and dear ones to the party. So make sure you make a guest list and send a free online invitation to all of them. Do not forget to mention that it’s a surprise birthday party in your invitation card.

Plan some good games

You need to make the day special and for this you will need to organize some games and activities for the day. It would be nice to organize a group game which everyone would enjoy. If you are holding the party for a kid, then you could also hire a magician or clown to the party.
Plan the party on another date.

It is best that you organize the party on a different date. A few days before the birthday would be the perfect time to hold a surprise birthday party.

Reconfirm with your guests on the previous day.

You must make sure that you remind your guests about the party at least a day in advance. If you are using online invitation cards from Yoovite, then automatic reminders will be sent to all your guests before the party.

Switch off the lights and yell SURPRISE!

Now that everything is set and your guests have arrived in time, make sure you switch off the lights and shout our SURPRISE as soon as the special person comes in.
Enjoy your surprise party!

Email your invitations, it’s the easier way!

Email invitations are becoming more popular by the day, mainly because of the convenience it offers. Along with the convenience, using online invitations for your party or event is the more reliable way as well.

Generations now have much more acquaintance with emails than postal mails. Your friends and relatives definitely check their email box more often than their mailbox.

When you send an online invite, it reaches the intended recipient almost immediately. When you send an invitation by post, you have to send it much in advance so that your mail gets delivered well before the party. RSVP in this case is also much more time consuming. The guests have to give you a call to confirm if they are attending the party or not.

When you use free online invitations, you can get things done much easier. You just have to choose your favorite template, enter all the important details, check the preview of your card and click send.

As soon as you click send, the guests start getting their invites. Most of them would get an email notification on their Smartphone. Free online invitation tools like Yoovite allow the guests to RSVP immediately through the email they received. Thus, they can let you know if they will attend the party or not as soon as they see the email.

With the easy to use RSVP option, your guests will find it more convenient to respond and hence they would do it as soon as they can. This way, you can get a count of the guests expected well before the party and thus arrange everything accordingly.

Online invitations have definitely made party invitations much more convenient, economical and reliable.
Are you planning a party soon? Make sure you use free online party invitations to save time and money.

Which is the Best Online Invitation Site in India?

With the rising number of online invitation sites in India, it is becoming tough to choose the best one. If you are throwing a party soon, then it is best to use free Indian online invitations. This is becoming a much more reliable way to invite your friends and family to parties and events.

When you send an online invitation, you can be sure that it will reach the recipient. If in any case, the invitation does not get delivered, you get a notification via email immediately. This is the reason why online invitations are becoming much more popular nowadays.

There are several criterions that you have to consider when you choose the best online invitation tool. Some of them are as follows.

Check if they are FREE! Of course when you can get free invitation cards online, there is no point in using ones that you have to pay for. There are several online invitation tools that offer free invitation cards for all Indian events and parties. One well know free invitation site is Yoovite. They have a wide range of invitation cards for all Indian events and most important all their cards are completely free.

Choose one that offers a proper RSVP option: You must also have an easy to use RSVP option on your online invitation cards. The guests must be able to easily respond to the invitation as soon as they receive the card. This is also available with the best online Indian invitation sites.

Check out their templates: When you are having an Indian event, you need more Indianized templates. Check out the sites that offer Indian templates for invitations online.

Range of templates: You must also have a good range of templates to choose from. Just one template under each category will not be perfect. You need a choice when it comes to choosing online invitation templates for Indian events and parties.

Check other options also: Along with this, you can also check the other options that are offered by the invitation tool. Some site also provide you with event planners that can be used for planning your event until it is over.

There are some good online invitation tools available today. You must choose the one that suits your needs perfectly preferably with no charges.

Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

It is indeed a great thrill to celebrate your kid’s first birthday party. Inviting your closest friends and relatives to the party would be important because you definitely want to share the joy and happiness. When you are planning to celebrate your kid’s first birthday party, there are lots of things that you have to consider. One of the most important things to do is sending out online invitations for birthday party.

Choosing the right wording for your online birthday party invitation could also be a tough job. Here are some of the best wordings that can be used for a kid’s birthday party invitation.


First teeth, first curls, he’s crawling around
Our Baby is growing by leaps and bounds.
There is one more first to celebrate
With balloons, a candle and a cake!
We invite you heartily to join in the celebrations of
“Baby name” First Birthday Party


Hip, hip hooray!
Baby (Name) turns one today!
Come and join us for a big party
To celebrate the big day!

Our little princess is turning one,
We hope you can join us to have some fun!
The cake will have one candle
We’ll have lots of food and fun
So come and help us celebrate
As our baby (name) turns ONE!

It’s been a very exciting year
full of joy, love and fun.
We hope you’ll celebrate with us
as our little princess turns one!

He’s cute and sweet and so much fun.
Our little prince is turning one!


We can’t believe
that it’s been a whole year,
A little cake, a lot of fun, and a sweet little host who’s turning 1!
Please come and join the fun, when our (Baby name) is turning 1!

Join for some fun, (kid name) is turning 1!

Cake, snacks, games and more!
There’s sure to be laughter and giggles galore!
One blessed year ago, we received the greatest gift we’ve ever known
(Kid name) is turning one, please join us for her first birthday party.

(Kid name) is now one
Our first year has been just great
Now that it’s her birthday
We’re going to celebrate
Birthday candles, cake and fun!
Come and join us for a blast!

Sweets and treats and lots of fun
Let’s celebrate as (kid name) turns ONE!


These are only a few ideas for kids birthday party invitation wording. You can use free online invitations which are really to use, very convenient and much more reliable than the postal cards.

Create a Free Birthday Invitation for your kid now!!

How to Organize a Kids birthday party in Chennai

Organizing a birthday party can really be a fun event. You must plan well in advance so that you don’t miss out anything for your little one. A birthday party in India is not just about inviting the guests to a dinner at home. You must also put in some effort to ensure that everyone has a good time at the party. Kids birthday parties in India are becoming really elaborate events and it is important that you keep these tips in mind when you are organizing one for your kid.

The theme for the birthday party: It is important to choose a theme for a kids birthday party. The theme that you choose should depend on the age and interests of the birthday boy or girl. For a five-year-old boy’s birthday party, a pirate’s theme would be a great pick, but girls of the same age would prefer a Barbie or princess theme party. If you are organizing the party for a teenager, then it would be best to include some loud music and a live band with a dance floor.

Prepare your guest list: You must not miss inviting anyone for the party. If you are organizing a kid’s birthday party, make sure you invite all his friends to the party. You can also include his/her dearest cousins and other relatives. If you are planning a surprise birthday party, then you must take care not to spill the beans before the D-day.

Decide the venue: After you make a rough list of the guests, you have to decide the venue for the party according to the number of guests. You must choose a birthday hall in Chennai that suits all your requirements. It must comfortably fit all your guests and provide all other facilities that are required for the party as well. Make sure you book the hall in advance so that you don’t have to run around looking for another one at the last moment. Most of the party venues in Chennai also have special birthday packages, which would include almost everything that you need at a reasonable price.

Send out the invitations: You can use free online invitations for birthday parties to invite your guests to the party. The online invitations offer an easy to use RSVP option, which enables your guests to respond immediately and hence thereby let you know if they would be able to make it or not well in advance.

Choose a good menu: This must depend on the time of the party and the age group of the guests attending the party. For a kids birthday party, it is best to include a little junk food as well as they would enjoy this better than anything else. Fried chicken, burgers, Fries, Pizzas, Pastas and Noodles are the kind of food that kids would enjoy. You must also arrange some special food for the elders attending the party as they would most probably not enjoy junk food.

Entertainment is also important: It is also important to organize some nice entertainment for the party. A clown or a magician would be a great choice of entertainment for a kids birthday party. For the teens, you must also include some nice interesting games along with the music and dance.

Decorate the party venue: You must organize the decorations for the party venue according to the theme of the party. You can usually ask the party hall organizers to do this job for you. This is mostly included within the birthday packages offered.

Have some return gifts as well: Most of the kids attending a birthday party expect a gift in return. Find small gifts like pen stands, candy or small toys that can be given away as presents.

Planning and organizing a birthday party can be a really easy task if you follow these tips. If you can afford an event manager in Chennai for the day, it would make your work so much easier. Don’t forget to have a great time at the party!