Best Bachelor Party Ideas in India

Bachelor party was never held in India. This was influenced into the Indian society mainly from the American culture. Like we indianize all sort of celebrations, bachelor parties in India have also been tweaked to fit the Indian community.

The concept of bachelor parties is indeed a very exciting and noble concept that has been brought into our midst. Though most of us have the feeling that bachelor parties mean lots of drinking and nothing more than drinking, this is a completely wrong notion. The party is only a last stage for the young bachelor who is getting married to bid farewell to his bachelor and carefree days. Along with marriage comes lots of responsibilities that he never had to face as a bachelor.

This is only a normal party given to the groom by his closest friends.

Here are several ideas that can be used to plan your bachelor party in India.

Organize a simple party at home with the closest friends: This is one of the most common ways to hold bachelor parties in India. Simply order in pizzas and maybe some drinks and enjoy a wild party with your friend who is getting married.

Go to a nightclub with your friends: If you want to have something more than this for your friend, then hire an Innova to accommodate all your friends for the party and start hitting all the nightclubs in your city for one last wild night as a single man. Bachelors in Delhi must definitely choose Connaught Place, and for a bachelor party in Mumbai, this would mean hitting Bandra & Juhu. However, make note that the expenditure for this can go from Rs. 1,500 onwards (per head) to Rs. 3,000 upwards (per head)

Holding an overnight trip: If you live in a remote place where there are no nightclubs or anything of the sort, then you can organize an overnight trip with your friends to any nearby city. If money is no issue, then head for a fun filled weekend to Goa, which is among the best spots for bachelor parties in India.

These are only a few ideas for bachelor parties in India. You can increase the scale of the bachelor party according to the money you are ready to spend for the occasion.

How to Organize a Bachelor Party in Bangalore

Have you ever heard of a bachelor party or hen party? Well, this is supposed to be a night of celebration for a groom or his bride on the day before the marriage. Such a party is held to celebrate the last day of bachelorhood. This was not very common in India until the recent past. However, now bachelor parties Bangalore, Chennai and other major cities of India are becoming really lavish and elaborate.

A bachelor party is often organized by the closest friend sof the bridegroom. The celebrations for the night can include wild or mild. You must make sure that you plan this event well in advance so that the party is well remembered by the groom even after the wedding excitement fades away.

Here are a few points that you can keep in mind when you organize a bachelor party in Bangalore.

Remember whom you are organizing the party for: You are not organizing this night of fun for you, but it is for your friend. So, you must not get carried away and organize things that will be fun only for you. What you must ensure is that the groom enjoys the day to the maximum. If the groom is not fond of noisy nightclubs, then you must organize a bachelor party in a private party hall or at a house with al your close friends invited. In the same way, if the bride does not enjoy drinking, then you must make sure that you organize a hen party without drinks and pub. Remember this is not a night to rag your friend before the wedding.

Fix the guest list: though this is going to be a surprise party for your friend, you must make sure that you invite all his/her friends to the party.

Choose a venue: Now, according to the number of guests you are inviting, you must choose a venue for the party.

After you choose the guest list, send out online invitations to all of them with the date and venue. The easy to use RSVP option in online bachelor party invitations makes it easier for your friends to respond to the invite immediately. If you are planning a dress code or a theme for the party, make sure you mention that in the invitation.

Make all the arrangements: After you have invited everyone, now you have to make other arrangements like decorating the party venue, arranging food and drinks for the night, organizing some nice entertainment for the evening and setting up everything else. It is best to ask around for suggestions from other friends when you organize a bachelor party.

Reconfirm everything: Even if you have made all the arrangements well in advance, make sure you re-confirm everything is done a few days before the party. This is a once in a lifetime celebration for your friend and you really don’t want anything to go wrong.