Free Karva Chauth Online Invitations

Karva Chauth is a very important festival in India. Almost all the Indian Hindu women keep a vrath or fast for the entire day to wish long life and their husband’s well being. They break the fast only after they get a glimpse of the moon.

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It would be nice to hold a party for Karva Chauth after inviting all your friends and relatives.

The preparations for Karwa Chauth begin a few days in advance. The celebrations and festivities are different for each place. Mostly the women of the neighborhood get together on this day and hold their fast together.

The Karwa Chauth fast usually begins at dawn. The women are fasting do not eat or drink anything throughout the day. The fasting women also do not work all day. Women apply henna on their hands and most of the day passes in meeting friends and relatives. Most of the big households hold huge get togethers on this day.

Men are usually excluded from all the festivities until the Moon appears.

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Karwa Chauth 2013 will be held on October 22nd. Start planning for your Karva Chauth party from today. Create an online invitation and send your free karva chauth invites today.

Free Online Invitations for Diwali

Have you decided to hold a grand Diwali party in India? Then, it is important to send free online Diwali invitations to all your guests at the earliest.

After you have set up the date and time of the function, it is important to make a list of the guests you want to invite. It is very important that you must not miss inviting anyone important.

Planning your Diwali party in advance helps you to make all the necessary arrangements well in advance. It is best to send free online invitations for Diwali as the cards do not cost you a penny and they are so much more convenient and reliable.

When you send free online invitations for Diwali, your job is done in less than a few minutes time. All you have to do is select your favorite Diwali invitation card template, enter in all the details like time, date and place and then add your guest email ids. After you have added all these details, just take a preview of your card and send the invitation to all in one click. Sending invitations cannot get easier than this. There are also free animated Diwali invitations available online now.

When you use the traditional printed cards for your party, there are chances that the card could get misplaced and it might also not reach your guest at the right time. What if the guest received your invitation mail only after the date of the Diwali party? This would be a real shame when you have organized such a great party and your friend or relative never even came to know about it in advance.

This is why it is important to create a proper guest list for your party beforehand and then use free online invitations, which can be sent to the guest within just a few minutes time.

When you use online invitations for Diwali, there are also options to import the contacts from your email address book. This way, adding guests to the invitation is so easy.

Sending free animated Diwali greetings and invitations will increase your impression to a great extend. Even when you are not spending a single penny to send these cards, your card looks very sophisticated and grand unlike the traditional printed invitation card, which will cost you a fortune.

The whole world is moving online now and it is high time we send free online Diwali greetings and invitations, which are so much more convenient and reliable. Using these cards can also greatly reduce the expenses that have to spent usually for weddings and other parties in India.

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Arangetram Online Invitations

Arangetram marks the beginning of a person’s performance on stage. Though Arangetram has been associated with dance in the olden days, it is also conducted for singers now.

According to tradition, arangetram in India was held by a devadasi to mark her debut as a professional performer. Thus, arangetram is the transition of the performer from a dance student to a dancer.

When Bharathanatyam got popular amongst the higher classes also, the Brahmins and the so-called high castes refused to do an arangetram. They wanted to distance themselves from any custom practiced by the Devadasi’s and so rejected this traditional ceremony.

However, as everyone likes to mark the beginning of an achievement, Arangetram soon became popular among all performers, irrespective of caste.

Just like graduation ceremonies, Arangetram is a huge celebration for performers. It is a platform where the audience judges the performance of the performer and the skill of their guru.

For an arangetram function, usually all the dearest family members and friends are invited. It is an occasion for everyone near and dear to judge the performance of their talent.

Now, you can use free online Arangetram invitations to invite all your dear ones to the function. Using online invitation cards also helps the guests to respond immediately due to the easy to use RSVP options.

Nowadays, arangetram ceremonies are also held by Indians living outside the country. Often the expenses of holding an arangetram function is becoming beyond the means of a middle class family. To curb the increasing costs of arangetram, families often pool in resources and organize the arangetram for a few students together.

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Upnayan Sanskar‏ Online Invitations

Upanayana Sanskar is a ritual that is held by some sections of the Hindus and Buddhists, by which initiates are invested with a sacred thread, to symbolize the transference of spiritual knowledge.

In this function, a child is made to wear a thin consecrated cord, composed of distinct cotton strands, which is a symbol of permission given to him to perform Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri Mantra.

This sacred traditional function is also known by other names like Janivaara,Jandhyam,Poita, Poonal, Janeu, Lagun, Yajnopavita, Yagyopavit, Yonya and Zunnar. This ceremony was once associated with higher castes. In some places, this ritual is also performed for girls.

In certain northern states, this ritual is held as an immediate predecessor to wedding ceremonies. The function is known as Munja or Mounji-Bandhana in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.

The three strands of the thread have a symbolic meaning and this varies by community and religion. The three strands stand for three debts, the debt to his teacher, the debt to his parents and ancestors and the debt to God. In some regions, the three strands represent three Goddesses, The Goddess of Mind, The Goddess of Word and The Goddess of Deed.

If you are planning a Upanayana Sanskar in your family, then you must invite all your friends and relatives to the function. You can use free online invitations for Upanayana Sanskar available at some free invitation tools online.

With online invitation cards, you simply have to choose your favorite template, enter the details and then send it to the email ids of all your guests. Such invitations save you both time and money.

Seemantham Party Online Invitations

If you have heard of baby shower parties in the west, then you will also know that Seemantham, also known as Pumsavana Seemantham and ‘Srimantha’ is an Indian version of such parties. Seemantham is held in honor of the mother-to-be and it is an important tradition in Karnataka and other South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Mostly arranged during the odd pregnancy months of 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th, this celebration was performed for the birth of every child in the olden days. However, now this ritual is restricted for the first born of every woman in the family.

Though the baby shower parties in the west are often closely compared with Seemantham, the similarity rests with the fact that both are held for mother-to-be’s.

It is believed that the rituals for Seemantham are to format the brain of the baby in the womb in an optimal condition. According to the Vedic tradition, the recitals of relics and verses known as Udhagasanthi or Uthakashanthi Japam will give the child sufficient strength in the womb of its mother.

Nowadays, most families combine Seemantham with another function called “Valaikaapu” which is a ritual that is hosted by the pregnant woman’s mother. The Valaikaapu, however is meant to be an informal function unlike Seemantham.

Though doctors do not advise holding such rituals during the later months of pregnancy, it is still widely held in Indian families during the initial months.

Holding Seemantham party calls for inviting all near and dear ones to the function. You can now use free online invitations for Seemantham to invite all guests for the party.

Using online invitations makes things so much easier and your guests can also quickly respond to the invitation using the easy to use RSVP option.

In Karnataka, this function is known as Srimantha and it is held to seek blessings from God for safe delivery and a happy life. The pregnant woman is also showered with gifts on the occasion.

In Tamil Nadu, the Seemantham ceremony is held by people from all religions to prepare the women for their first delivery and to seek the blessings from God Almighty for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

Organizing a Farewell Party in India

A farewell party is not a very happy occasion, but it is held to wish luck to the person who is leaving for another place or job. Organizing a farewell party is similar to how you organize other kinds of parties.

Here are some tips to help you organize a farewell party in India:

Make a list of guests: This is one of the first steps for organizing any kind of party. You have to make a list fo people who are close to the person leaving. Make sure you ask around his friends and colleagues to make sure that you do not miss inviting anyone important.

Fix the date and venue: The next step is to fix the date and venue of the farewell party. The venue has to be a place convenient to most of the guests. The date must also suit the main guests and all his dear friends and colleagues. Make sure you choose a venue that can accommodate all your guests.

Send invitations: Free online invitations is the best choice for farewell parties. Simply choose your favorite template, enter all the details and send the card to all the guests in one click. You can also choose a card where you can upload a picture of the person who is leaving.

Arrange the decorations: You must also properly decorate the venue for the farewell party. Make sure you use decorations that match the theme of the party.

Organise the food: If you are organizing the party in a hotel, then you can order the food from here as well. However, if you are planning to have the party in someone’s home, then make sure you make arrangements for the food for the party.

Organize some farewell speeches: This is also important for a farewell. You must let the person who is leaving how important he is to all of you. Arrange for a few friends to talk about him and the fun times you had with him. Don’t forget to wish him luck and it is best to keep the speeches short.

Buy a farewell gift: It is very usual to give a gift to the person who is leaving. You can choose gifts that he can take with him and not anything that is too big or heavy if he is travelling to a distant place.

Don’t forget to capture memories: You have to arrange someone to take photographs for the day. You will need the memories of this day. Email the photos to everyone who attended the event.

Ideas for Office Party in India

Most often arranging an event or party in your office is completely different from a house party. When you are arranging a personal party for your friends, some mistakes are always overseen. However, when it comes to an office party, you need to be extra careful and study every detail to make everything run perfectly.

Office parties must also adhere to a budget and hence it is important to arrange things professionally as well keep inside the budget. Your management skills are very important when you are organizing an office party in India.

Organizing any kind of party involves managing a lot of tasks and its is not possible for one person to handle everything. You have to get into a group and coordinate amongst each other to get everything done perfectly. It is also important to manage your time accordingly. You cannot spend all your office time in organizing the party and you also cannot stay back for a long time since you would most definitely have other engagements.

Here are some tips that will come handy when you are organizing an office party in India.

Invite ideas from several people: This is a great way to kick start all your preparations. You must ask around several colleagues for ideas for the office party. This way you will get an insight into what people expect from such a gathering.

Make a list of things to do: You have to first write all your plans so that you can organize things better. You also have to discuss things with your boss and get his approval on the plan before you start organizing things.

Decide the date and venue: Most of the time, office parties in India are held at good hotels or halls. When you choose the hall, you must make sure that it is big enough to accommodate everyone. Fixing the date is often a tough task. It is not possible to fix the date based on everyone’s convenience. But, you must make sure you choose a date that is convenient for most of the employees.

Food for the party: If you are organizing the party in a hotel, then you can arrange the food also from here. However, if you have booked a hall for the function and need to arrange a caterer for the day, make sure you do that in advance. Write him down the menu of your choice and pay him an advance.

Double-check everything: Before the D-day you have to make sure you have arranged everything that is required. Sit together with your boss and the group arranging the party and cross check everything once more at least two days before the party.

Arranging an office party is not an easy task. However, if you plan everything in advance and get some dedicated people involved, you can get it all done easily.

Tips for choosing the best venue for your party

There are so many things that you have to consider before you choose a venue for your party. The venue that you choose must be one that suits the event you are conducting. Here are a few tips that you can use when you choose a party venue in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi or any other city in India.

Make a checklist: You have to first collect the list of halls that are available near your locality. When you make the list, you must depend on the recommendations received from friends and relatives and research on the Internet.

After you make your checklist, you have to visit each venue to see if they suit your requirements. You will also have to check if the venue is available on the date of your function.

If the venue is available on the date you prefer, then you must check for all facilities like condition of the venue, the catering options offered and other amenities offered.

Choose a list of venues that suit your requirements and is available on the date of your event.
Now get quotations from all the venues you have shortlisted. After that, compare between the quotations and choose the one that best suits your budget.

It is also important to take an opinion from your closest relatives before you decide on the venue. Also, make an advance payment to book your venue and get a confirmation from them to ensure that the venue has been blocked for your event. This will remove all last minute confusions.

Before you know it, the event is going to be over. So, put in some extra effort and plan everything in advance so that you don’t have to run around for getting things done at the last minute.

Party Planners in Delhi

The busy life style of parents is making them rely more on party planners in Delhi. Most of the working parents want to put up an amazing birthday party for their kids, but unfortunately they cannot find the time to arrange everything because of their busy work schedule.

Party planners in Delhi are increasing in number and it is becoming difficult to make a choice. To organize a party without any flaws, it is best to hire a party planner in Delhi.

Most of the Delhi party planners are professional in understanding your needs and working out the best suitable party for your kid.

All you have to do is share you idea with them. After this, they will take everything under their control and plan everything appropriately.

Choosing the best party planner in Delhi is one of the most important tasks before you. You have to make a good research on the Internet and also ask amongst your friends before you make your decision.

The key abilities that a party planner must possess are ability to manage time, multitasking, communication skills, professionalism in everything they do and capability to deal with sudden downfalls.

A good party planner should be able to deal with tight deadlines. Unless she can properly communicate with you, she will not be able to understand your requirements correctly. So, communication skills are really important when you choose a wedding planner in Delhi.

Party planners also need to be filled with ideas. When you speak of your requirements, they must be able to come up with ideas to make the party perfect.

Searching on the internet is one of your best options to find the best wedding planners in Delhi.

Ideas for Kids Birthday party Themes

Kids birthday parties are very important functions for parents and they take all the pains to make it the most wonderful moments. All kids birthday parties are now themed. Finding the right theme for your kids birthday party is one of the first tasks today.

Birthdays are huge milestones in life and by celebrating the day with friends and relatives, you can make it an everlasting memory. Planning birthday parties is no longer a toigh job mainly because of the party planners available in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and all other Indian cities.

If your kids birthday is fast approaching, then it’s time that you started thinking of a theme for the party. Here are some ideas for Indian birthday party themes.

Master Chef Birthday Party: This program is a huge hit amongst the kids as well and this would be am exciting theme for your kids birthday party. Divide the kids into red and blue teams and give them small tasks and mystery box challenges with their aprons and chef hats on. It sure is going to be exciting for the kids.

Football Party: If your little boy is a football fan, then think no more. A football party themes would be the best choice for him. Make the kids into two teams and let them enjoy some good gaming and exciting snacks soon after. They are going to love it!

Angry Birds: This is still not a very common birthday theme, but if you want to think of something really different, then you could go for this theme.

Harry Potter and Magic: The kids today are hooked with harry Potter and his friends. Make your kids birthday a costume party and ask them to be anyone they want to be from the book except Harry Potter. Of course, that is going to be the birthday boy.

Chotta Bheem and friends: This is yet another interesting theme that is picked for kids birthday party themes today.

Theme Park: If you are ready to take the kids out for a fun filled day, then you must opt for an outing to the nearest theme park. Let them enjoy to their fill on the rides and have some nice snacks ready when they are tired of the rides.

Princess Theme: Just adorn everything in pink, have your daughter crowned and get some good party supplies that will match this theme. Don’t forget to arrange some nice games and entertainment for the kids.

Pirates or Superheroes: A Pirate themed party is also a nice choice. If you kid has a favorite super hero like Batman, Superman or Spiderman, then you go ahead and theme your party around this.

Choosing the party theme must be according to the interest of the kids. You have to choose the theme according to what your kid would love the best. The best option would be to go ahead and ask them.

Make sure you give in your best for the party because seeing that lovely smile on your kids face is going to make all the hard work worth it.